Monday, December 05, 2011

O' Christmas Tree, O' Christmas Tree
The week before Thanksgiving, we decorated for Christmas. I LOVE coming home from Arkansas to a fully decorated house - it makes the drive back much easier knowing that we have christmas lights and a tree to welcome us!

Shopping for our Christmas Tree was a family affair this year. It was the very first time we have ever purchased a real tree (in fact, it was the first time I have ever had one!!). I felt like a giddy school girl the day we went to pick one out....I knew exactly what I wanted - BIG, FULL and BEAUTIFUL! We wound up being the very first customer for the shop we went to, so we got to pick from so many trees - but it wasn't a hard choice. We all saw the one we wanted pretty much immediately - it was 10 feet tall and absolutely gorgeous! The kids got to help wrap up the tree and transfer it to our trailer - so it was a very hands-on experience for them. :-)

We came home and immediately started setting it up. There are so many memories wrapped up in our ornaments and part of me wanted to just sit on the floor and shed some tears over how much our children have grown. But the kids kept me in constant motion as they decorated the tree (it was my job to make sure they didn't knock it over while they did that - lol!).

I couldn't dare offend my kids by redecorating, the tree is "as is". I've added a few ornaments to the top half, but the bottom half is still too heavy in some spots, too bare in others. It makes me smile. :-)

This picture made me laugh out loud. I have no memory of Rauly being outside without a shirt on - and yet there she is, bare back-n-all! lol!!!

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Michael and Hannah said...

Laughing at Rauly's cute little bare back! I'm so incredibly jealous of your REAL Christmas tree!!!!