Sunday, November 13, 2011

The Gator's read that right - althought this football team has Jaguars on their jerzey's, they are in fact called "The Gator's". A bit confusing, right?

This is the first year that Shep has played football, and he has LOVED it! The biggest factor in him loving it has been the fact that his coach is his daddy. :) Chad decided to coach Shep's team this year, along with Coach Brian (Shep's soccer and basketball coach). Chad and Brian have had a very successful season and have worked great together.

From left to right: (Top row) Shepherd, Jackson, Andrew, Nathan, Strider
(Bottom row) Parker, Abram, Braden, Cameron, Grant

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Michael and Hannah said...

Ummmmm, Go Gators! ;o) I'm sure Shep will be the Tebow of the team!