Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Marine Land

A few Saturday's back, all of the Eason's piled in to two mini-van's and drove down to Washington Oaks State Park. After a rather stressful photo session (it is like pulling teeth trying to get 3 kids to smile at the camera!!!), we went and enjoyed a picnic lunch that Linda had prepared. The Park is absolutely beautiful - gorgeous flower gardens, a sparkling river and marsh land, and all kinds of wild life. I wish we had had more time to explore, but after lunch, we had to head out so we could make our appt at Marine Land.

Chad, Shep and Rauly got to experience feeding the dolphins. They got to play games with them and rub their belly's too - it was really amazing and Rauly especially was in awe the entire time. Rauly is our animal-lover and so for her, this was a dream come true! Dennis, Linda, Jenny, Lillie and myself stood across the aquariums and watched the entire thing, so we felt like we were a part of the experience too. :-)

Thanks again Dennis and Linda for a great day and lots of special memories!!

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Michael and Hannah said...

Beautiful pictures - is one your Christmas card??