Sunday, November 06, 2011

Shep's music has been filling up our home these days. I have to say, he's come a LONG ways (thank you to his piano teacher, Pam Prentice!). When he first started lessons a year ago, he was banging loudly and practically hammering on our keyboard. But in one year's time, he's transitioned to gently using the pedals and playing the keys with a fluency that has surprised both Chad and I!

I played the piano growing up and was always in charge of providing entertainment during the holidays for my parents and extended relatives (sorry to all my aunts, uncles and cousins who had to suffer through Jingle Bells and Silent Night each year!). Chad played the Tuba in the band in highschool and we both enjoy singing...needless to say, we both want to instill an appreciation for and a love of music in each of our children!

To see him waking up and going straight to the piano to play each morning is really exciting. His enthusiasm has started rubbing off on his sisters who are constantly experimenting with the piano keys and fiddling around with our guitar's. Looking forward to watching this passion expand in them as they grow!


Jenny said...

I love hearing him play! It is amazing how far he's come, and it's so neat to see him enjoying it. Love that kid. :-)

Michael and Hannah said...

Way to go, Shep! Wesley has been taking lessons at school since the beginning of last year, but we don't have a piano so he never gets to practice. Hope to have one by next year.

Gina Harmon said...

He's definitely musically gifted like his Mom and Dad! Go Shep!