Sunday, November 06, 2011


Halloween came fast this year! It felt like school started, we blinked, and it was October 31st! This Halloween was a little more stressful this year with our kill-joy, I mean, our toddler...Lillie. She makes everything miserable...I mean, more challenging. ;-p She went as a Scarecrow and the picture below shows you just how much fun it was to get her dressed say she hated it would be the understatement of the year!!! The candy however has been a big hit with her - go figure.

This was the finished product...which she only wore for about .2 seconds. ;-)

Look at that cute face! Seriously, thank the Lord she's cute because oftentimes it's that adorable smile that saves her hiney!

On the night of the Costume Party, I went as "The Life of the Party"! ;-)

Rauly was "Lil' Miss Smarty Pants" at the Costume Party, and a Barbie Fairy on Halloween night.

I made Shep a "Life of the Party" costume to match mine (which he begrudgingly wore to the costume party). He asked me when I gave him his costume why our family had to wear all of the weird costumes! (Both he and I were wearing a cereal box, and Rauly had smarties glued to her pants, while Chad was wearing a huge whoopie cushion. Bahahahaa!!!! When we got to the party that night, he told everyone "my mom made me wear a cereal box". I still chuckle when I think about it! :-) One day hopefully he'll appreciate his mom's creativity!

Shep was Darth Vader

I told Chad to get his costume on, but he waited and waited (something about the huge whoopie cushion costume being horribly hot and uncomfortable??), so I wound up not getting a picture of him. Stink!


Michael and Hannah said...

Oh Lindsey, we are total kindred spirits!!! It's sad that I find comfort in your trials, but it's so good to know I'm not alone! Carigan is a completely different child from Wesley or Anna Kate! She is... all those things you said! Sheeeeesh. All I've ever wanted to be my whole life as long as I can remember is a mom, but there are days that Carigan can make me question if I'm cut out for this parenting business! We really need to get together - I'm thinking without the kids at this point. ;o)

Your scarecrow was adorable while it lasted!

Chad and Lindsey Eason said...

Lol, Hannah - yes, children with Lillie Anna and Carigan's feistiness definitely can push their parents over the edge....not that I have any experience with that. ;-p I was just thinking that we need to try another character b-fast, but our two lovebugs might make it far too interesting! :-) We'll figure something out soon!!

Marie said...

Love the costumes! Such great ideas! I got a good laugh at imagining Chad as a Whoopie cushion- ha! Lillie Anna was a cute scarecrow (well for as long as she wore it). Jaiden has hit that age of "fits" and it is wearing me out!

Gina Harmon said...

Loved the costumes! Lillie Anna was so cute. Glad you were able to capture a pic.