Saturday, October 23, 2010

My dear friend from college came to spend the night with us last night and she brought along her sweet friend Patience. I've gotten to spend some time with Patience over the past few years when we've visited John and Melissa in Georgia, and am so glad that we got to see her again. She's got an incredibly sweet spirit and the three of us had a really great time just sitting on the couch and catching up on life!

There's not many friends who I feel completely comfortable with, but Melissa falls in to that category. It could be because we go so far back...she knew me when we lived in Arkansas (my hometown) - she's seen the house where I grew up and been to some of my old stompin' grounds. It could be because she knew me when Chad and I were dating (which I equate to childhood because let's face it - we may have felt "grown up" but we were sooooo immature!). It could be because we were both pregnant with our girls together - she had Kayden two weeks before Rauly was born. It could be because our husbands are best friends and played college football together...they bled together..sweated together...ate too much food together (lol!)...lifted weights together...cried together (sorry, had to throw that in boys!)....the fact of the matter is, Melissa and I would never have been friends had it not been for our husbands! I guess it's "all of the above" and so much more. But because of all these things, I feel like I can just let my hair down, walk around in p.j.'s, and be myself with her. And I really really love that.

And I really love her. :-)


Angela said...

awhh...sweet! Makes me miss Melis!

Michael and Hannah said...

So glad you got to spend some quality time with Melissa! I love your all's special friendship.

Gina Harmon said...

We need our girlfriends...glad you have so many special ones and that you stay in touch!

Hicks Family said...

THanks Linds! You know I feel the same way. Love ya.
Great pics from the beach too!