Tuesday, October 19, 2010

My cup runneth over!

Well, I'm like every other parent. I'm proud of my son...really really proud. And although it does warm my heart that he reminds me so much of myself (both in personality AND in looks), I'm proud of him because he's everything a mother could ask for - obedient, optimistic, kind, joyful, hard-working, tender-hearted, loving and thoughtful. Today he came in to my room while I was drifting off to sleep and he asked me if I needed anything...he was holding a glass of water and asked if I would like a drink. Shortly after I woke up from my nap, I walked back in to the living room and Shep was sitting next to Rauly (who was also napping) and he quietly informed me that he had covered her with a blanket so she would sleep better. And earlier this week, while we were doing his Bible study, one of the questions asked "how could you serve God wholeheartedly?"...he answered with this "I could show everyone that I still trust God, even though I've had to get a whole lotta' shots in my arm!".

We love our son and we know that God loves him too. We're convinced God has a very special plan for Shep and that His plan is already in the works. Our appointment with the Infectious Disease Doctor is November 18th. And until then, we are providing Shep with lots of opportunities throughout the day to eat healthy, whole foods...we're hopeful that alone will make a big difference in his ability to fight off viruses!


Michael and Hannah said...

I'm proud of him and he's not even my son! He is definitely a special boy. I love his heart. God has great plans for that one, I'm sure!

Gina Harmon said...

I love reading about my grandkids on your blog and I adore the pictures as well. It makes me feel "in touch" a bit more although there's no substitute for actually seeing them in person! Shepherd is so very special and so very cute too! What a great big brother he is and what a son to you and to our Father in Heaven who made him so uniquely "our Shep".