Monday, October 25, 2010

We spent Sunday afternoon on our new favorite island...Talbot Island. It's secluded, it's gorgeous, and it's got the perfect sized waves for the kids to surf and for me to be able to relax and not have a heart attack. :-) We feel as if we've discovered our own private you drive over on to the island, it feels like you're stepping in to another world...Hugenot State Park is on the right, Talbot on the left and everywhere else you look is bright blue ocean's INCREDIBLE!

I saved the best picture for I realize it's just a headshot, but Chad was seriously our entertainment yesterday. He bought a Skim Board and was determined to figure out how to do it. I taught Chad how to water ski when we lived in Arkansas while we were in college...something that appears so easy (and comes SO naturally to me) was brutally hard for him - we learned very quickly that water skiing is something you need to learn to do when you're a CHILD. I seriously haven't laughed so hard (or encouraged so hard) since I watched him drowning in water while trying to water ski. Chad busted it on that Skim Board over and over and OVER again...and he is sooooo sore today and left the beach BLEEDING (chuckle, chuckle!!!). Seriously, we were bent over laughing so hard we were going hoarse while watching him attempt to land on that thing - but all his falls paid off - he finally got it! YAY CHAD!!!!!!!!!!!! :-p


Jamie said...

Don't you love FL? Beach trips at the end of OCTOBER!!! :)
My favorite pic is the first one of Rauly!!! I'm loving your photos!!!

Gina Harmon said...

Great pics! Chad is so handsome! I was laughing out loud picturing his water board antics! AND he persevered! Go Chad! Oh, was LA watching her shadow in the watery sand when she was walking with her head down? Rauly and Shep also looked like they were having a blast!

Michael and Hannah said...

Sounds amazing! We'll have to check it out sometime.