Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Lillie Anna is 6 months old!

Lillie is entering in to a whole new world of exploration and food. :) She's rocking back and forth, lunging forward and landing on her face (ha), and actually beginning to get to her destination! Her fingers are in her mouth constantly, so we have to be very watchful and keep an eye out for small toys (like lego's) and other things that are on the floor...and with a 5 and 4 year old, there are ALWAYS things on the floor. Her pediatrician said that she needs to begin eating food 3x daily...whether she likes it or not, so that she can get fiber in her diet. Great. Yes, I'm unenthused. Feeding a baby who doesn't want to eat and doesn't like to eat is more a chore than anything. But, I'll be a good mom and follow my doc's instructions. :)

So, stats:
27.5 inches (90 somthing percentile)
15 lbs. (50th percentile) *She's actually lost a few ounces since her 4 month check-up, but her brain has continued to grow nicely and she's grown so much in length that the doc was completely unconcerned

*She has NO teeth.
*She is still solely breastfeeding.
*She isn't sitting on her own yet, but is able to prop herself up for a few moments before the weight of her head pulls her over. :)
*She isn't crawling officially, but is up on all fours rocking back-n-forth and occasionally makes progress. :)
*She is not on a nap schedule...mainly b/c she has two older siblings that keep us on the go. She sleeps when she's tired, wakes up when she's ready.
*Her bedtime routine is the same as it was 2 months ago...she sleeps with us (I know I know I know...), and is nursing as often as she wants (again,....I know I know I know). ugh. This is the one thing I'm not happy about, but with not enough rooms in the house, she's stuck in our room until she's able to sleep through the night. And I'm so stinkin' tired that right now, I feel as if I'm just on survival mode and let's face it, it's easier for me to sleep by pacifying her than it is to listen to her cry it out for hours. Don't judge me. :)
*Her eyes are still blue, but the doc told me yesterday that he thinks her eyes will be brown eventually. Apparently babies with her eye color (it's more gray than blue) usually eventually turn brown.
*She is still such a happy baby and the only time she cries is when I pass her off to someone she's not familiar with. (Which at this point tends to be anyone other than Chad!) She's definitely become attached to her momma', and since she's our baby, I'm fine with that. :)
*She's saying Da-Da.

I've included a video of her doing her "tricks"...she's attempting to get some of her toys. It's LONG b/c I thought some of you would get a kick out of seeing what a few minutes of my life is like with Shep and Rauly constantly entertaining us. Oh brother!
**(Sorry guys, I tried to upload, but my computer is struggling to upload a 3 minute video to You Tube. I'll keep trying...)


Jamie said...

She's awesome, and so are you, momma!

Courtney said...

Don't worry. Aubrey is still in our room and usually ends up in the bed with us by around 4 every morning. You're a great mom!! Keep up the good work!

Michael and Hannah said...

Happy Half Birthday Lillie Anna! She is SUCH a little Chad! Enjoy all that time with her nursing and having her in your bed... it will be gone too soon.

Gina Harmon said...

She looks exactly like you did at 6 months. Your eyes were blue for a long time before they turned brown. You also didn't have any teeth for a long. Nannan used to laugh and say she had never seen a kid eat meat with her gums and do it sooo well!
Can't wait to see her and all of you!