Saturday, February 20, 2010

Two weekends ago, our kids made a rite of passage...they each learned to ride their bikes without training wheels! For me, this was a really special thing to watch. I can remember as a child the day that both my parents took me in to my front yard and in to our neighbors driveway...I remember them helping me balance...pushing me off and down the hill...I remember them both smiling from ear to ear when I had success and I remember them both brushing me off the few times I fell in the grass. It was such a special day for me as a child...a memory I doubt I'll ever forget. SO, to see both of our kids accomplish this task together brought tears to my eyes. I soaked in the moment and took so many pictures that if you flip through them quickly, it looks like you're watching a video - lol!

The day was spent out at the local highschool to use the large grass space (assuming that there would be multiple falls)...b/c they did so well, we decided to let them move to the parking lot and Chad and I were surprised at how quickly they both caught on. We weren't expecting them to be ready for the pavement which is why they're not wearing helmets...since that day, they've worn them, scouts honor! :)

Try and ignore me running next to Rauly...I was concerned she'd crash since it was her first time on the pavement, but as you can see, I worried needlessly.


Hicks Family said...

I am so proud of them! they did awesome.

Jamie said...

That's awesome! Yay for your big kids! And looks like you and Chad got a good workout that day too!

Michael and Hannah said...

What a special memory!! They need to come teach Wesley!

Page said...

Hey girl! Would you please email me your updated address so I can get your candle to you (finally!)...sorry it took so long to go out! Anyhow, my email is