Saturday, February 20, 2010

Nature Study

"Never be within doors when you can rightly be without."
-Charlotte Mason

Living on a 1/2 acre and living next to preserved "wetlands" has a big perk...we are able to observe nature in our own back yard! Our Orange tree (which is larger than our house) was weighted down with oranges about two weeks ago, but a family of possums and racoons gutted every single one...they left the peel hanging on the trees for us to eat...thanks, but no thanks. :)

And two days ago, this friendly hawk came to pay us a visit! Isn't it beautiful?! It perched on top of the playground and allowed us to walk outside and take pictures...the kids got really close and it seemed totally unafraid. Chad fenced in our yard to ensure that no other "critters" get biggest fear is alligators. Fleming Island has ponds all throughout it and its not uncommon to see one sun bathing by the water...seeing as how we live next to another 1/2 acre lot that is completely wooded and swampy, I don't want to assume that there are none in there. At the end of our street is a I don't think I'm being irrational or silly to assume it's possible. Anyways, the kids can play in the backyard safely now without me feeling like I have to constantly monitor them - and observe the safer side of nature...THAT is nice! :)

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Jamie said...

Wow!!! So cool! Much cooler than the pesky squirrels who reside in my yard and drop their crumbs on us if we dare encroach on their territory! At least hawks keep the rodents and reptiles away---very useful!