Friday, July 10, 2009

Family time

Will Siegel, Harrison Moore, Chad, Shepherd and Rauly Eason
(cousins who were there but not in the pic...Elizabeth Anne, Madison and Jared...sorry guys - I think you were downstairs when I took this!)

Bennett Siegel

Sunday after church, Nancy (Chad's aunt) had all of the family over to her and Murray's home for a delicious meal and good fellowship. Thanks again Nancy. We got to visit with Granny and I know she loved having all 3 of her children together with her! It was an extra special time b/c the Moore's (Keith and Erin and their children, Harrison and Elizabeth Anne) and the Siegels (Larry, Teresa, Brandon, Hannah and their children, Will and Bennett) were in town visiting.

Chad and I hold a special place for the Moore's and the Siegels. Chad and Brandon grew up as cousins, wrestling goats (lonnnng story!), fishing for goldfish in the neighborhood streams (another long story - haha!), and picking on their girl-cousins. :) When they were older, they were housemates in college and in each other's weddings. I grew up with Brandon in Little Rock attending church together from about the age of 2-18. I never knew that he had a cousin in Fl that I would one day marry. Hannah (Brandon's wife) and I share many things...a birthday (May 1st), Louisiana heritages, a christian faith, memories of our social club (Kojies), etc. On top of that, we have children that are close in age, which only makes get-together's that much more fun! And I can't talk about the Siegel's without saying how special Larry and Teresa are - I've known them since I was a small child and have tremendous respect for them. They have a strong marriage, children who love and respect them and on top of that - they're always fun to be around! :)

The same goes for Keith and Erin...they are such a precious family! My only complaint is that a few states separate us and we can't see them more often. :) Keith is older then Chad, and Chad remember's always having so much respect for his "cool, older cousin". I've seen countless family video's of them playing baseball out at their granny's home and being goofy in front of the camera. haha! He and his wife have always gone out of their way to be hospitable when we travel to AR - they are at the half-way point so we always do our best to stop in and visit. Through those visits, I've come to love Erin - we are so much alike (really - it's crazy how much we have in common!) and it is always such a pleasure to have time to sit down and catch up.

Family is a is something that is very special to both Chad and I! Life is busy these days and it's become challenging to see family who lives close by, much less 15 hours away...needless to say, when we can get together, it means a lot!


Teresa said...

Lindsey, you are so sweet. We are so thankful we are part of the same family.
Keep us posted about your pregnancy. We are looking forward to having another girl in the family!

Whitney said...

I love Keith and Erin, too! Don't get to see them as much any more now that they've switched churches, but I agree... it's hard to find a nicer couple. Next time you stop in Bham to see Keith & Erin, we'll have to meet up! :-)

Linda said...

Lindsey, thanks for sharing the pictures and for sharing your personal thoughts of are a blessing and I'm so glad you are a part of our family! Love, Linda

Gina Harmon said...

Yes Linds, you're absolutely right. Family is sooo very important and not to be taken for granted (which obviously you don't!)! With so many miles separating us, it just makes it that much more special when family can be together. You are such a blessing and joy to be around and I know your family is a blessing to you! Love you, Mom

Michael and Hannah said...

I never knew Chad and Brandon where cousins! Too funny. Hannah and I were in honors classes together freshman year and Brandon fixed my hair every night for Spring Sing when we did the beauticians show. Random, I know, but that's about my only memory of him. Glad y'all had a good visit!