Thursday, June 25, 2009

I am not a patient person...and I am getting downright aggravated with our internet service. We're currently trying to cancel our Clearwire service because it STINKS! Half the time, it doesn't give us a signal (therefore we can't sign on), a quarter of the time it kicks us off once we finally get ON...and probably three-fourths of the time we are unable to upload pictures. I've decided Chad is much too nice to handle the cancellation of our services, so I think I'll be making a phone call tomorrow. So, bear with me as we update our internet...I currently have tried to update my blog twice with pictures and posts and our internet won't let us upload any pictures...grrrrr!


Hicks Family said...

let it out sister!

Sarah said...

You go girl. I used to be awful at making those kinds of calls. But I've found being pregnant makes it so much easier :)

Jamie said...

ohhhhh....that's no good! The internet is my lifeline! YIKES.
Unfortunately, our pest control service is working about as well as your internet.....UGHHH.....I'm about to make the same call to them...Gotta love the Florida bugs.