Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Disclaimer: The phone call was made...a new modem was over-nighted to us...and we now have a fast-acting internet service - yay!

30 weeks pregnant

The past month has been spent with Chad and I feverishly working to prepare for Lillie Anna's arrival. We've most likely gone overboard with setting things up and I take full blame for that - lol! I'm currently dealing with RLS (restless leg syndrome) and on top of that, seem to have had been hit over the head with the nesting phase. I told Chad I feel as if I can't stop until everything is in it's place and ready. I've actually begun making lists for him, so that he knows what I need to have done within a certain time frame in order to sleep at night - crazy - I know! We've gotten the nursery set up, her closet is built and overflowing with baby clothes, all of the major baby items are set up (jumperoo, baby swing, play-pen) and I'm thanking God for our larger home now b/c amazingly, we are not feeling like we've outgrown our space with all these items!

On top of that, we've been preparing for the Fall semester and getting ready for Shepherd's kindergarten year. I've received all of his curriculum and have been working on preparing his yearly schedule and making sure we're as organized as we can be before Lillie Anna makes her debut. I'm creating a link for our blog that you can look at (if you're interested) to see what his curriculum will look like in the fall.

And although I do not have much to share about our little princess, I wanted to at least share a picture of her. :)

Chad and I have been trying to wrap our minds around what's to come next year with adding a third child to our family...and going back in to the sleep deprived state (which for me personally is one of the hardest things in the world!). It's been nearly 4 years since we've done the nursing, diaper changing, waking up around the clock routine...and to be honest, we're a little unsure of how challenging it's going to be! We've recently been told by several different family friends (all of who have 3 or more children) that having a third is a WHOLE NEW BALLGAME and not to be fooled by everyone who says "ooooh, once you've had 2, it's no big deal to add another one to the mix!". So, needless to say, that is why we're trying to at least have our home organized and our thoughts organized...we're praying that will help life be a little easier. :) And, we're trying very much to enjoy our two kiddo's now before Lillie Anna arrives...we've been playing a LOT of card games (Old Maid, Uno, Go Fish and even Solitare), a LOT of board games and reading lots of books. :)


Kristin said...

Sounds like you guys are all ready for Miss Lillie Anna's arrival! We're looking forward to seeing Chad next week...all of you should pack up and come : ) We'd love to have you! Love the pic of the kiddos...they are so cute!

Marie said...

you are so well prepared! I have to admit- going from 2 to 3 was a little difficult at first, just because it is no longer man to man defense. It is now zone! But you also have older kids, so they can help out a bunch too. I say put them to work- I plan on doing just that!! :) You look great and I know that having it all organized will make it all so much easier once she arrives.

Jamie said...

I love your kiddos! They are too cute!
Hey, as one of those moms of 3+ who would strongly AGREE that the third is a "whole new ballgame," I'd also like to add that your ballgame looks different from MINE, since when my 3rd was born my oldest was....barely 4. Your kids are a tiny bit older and you have a very maternal little girl to assist you (probably more than you will want!! LOL) So take heart...I think you will do great!!!

emily said...

so i'm like a month behind at commenting on this post... why!??! because i have three kids! ha! i LOVE the comment above about three being "zone" defense vs. "man to man." i cannot wait to tell brian that. :) it is so true! yes, the adjustment to three kids can be challenging at times. but it is worth every single minute to see my two kids love on amelia. shep and rauly are going to be so great with that baby. i don't know them, but i can just tell that they are going to love having that baby around! amelia is 6 months old, and ethan and caroline have still to this day never really expressed jealousy toward her taking up my time. they are such a big help, even at 4 and 2 1/2... so your kids will be able to do so much for you. whatever you expect out of them, they can do. and newborns sleep A LOT (or at least they're supposed to!), so they will still have lots of mommy time with you while sweet lillie anna is napping. it is a lot of work, but i LOVE having three kids. love it. love it.

i'm excited to hear how your homeschooling journey goes!! we are starting this year too, but at a slower pace since ethan just turned 4. (did i already tell you that?! who knows!) everything i have read has encouraged the beginning homeschool mom to take it slow and easy and to not be too hard on yourself if you don't get everything done. add in the mix of a new baby, and it's inevitable that you will not get to everything everyday. also... with you having that school experience, it may be easy to forget that learning doesn't always "look" like school. there will be so much he can learn without sitting down at a table with a book! :) you can do phonics on a walk with a fussy baby! making dinner can be great math practice. so just don't be too hard on yourself. i think it's so easy to feel like we're not doing enough!! we will definitely have to keep in touch about how it is all going this year!