Tuesday, June 16, 2009

This morning I've been reading two books that my mom and Mike and my MIL (Linda) gave me titled "Blessed Among Women" and "Prayers and Promises for Moms". After reading my morning devotionals, I've been reflecting on how blessed I am and the many reasons why I love my children so much. I thought I'd take a moment and blog some of those details...this is more for my own personal memory - you all may not want to read it. :)

What do I love about being a mother?

I've always been in love with the "idea" of creating a legacy...one that brings honor to my Father in Heaven. The "idea" is a beautiful one...actually creating that legacy is challenging and requires a LOT of prayer and constantly fighting that inner selfish self! I love how being a mother has changed me...I am a far cry from the girl I was 5 years ago...even 3 weeks ago! I feel as if each day stretches me, and demands that I be better...more loving, more patient, more compassionate, more Christlike. I believe that nothing in this world will strengthen you more than raising a child for the Lord - it is the hardest, most glorious thing a woman can ever take on!

What do I love about each of my children?

Well...I'll start with my first born - Shepherd.

  1. He has an infectious "belly" laugh!

  2. He's my bright eyed child...always energetic and ready to try something new!

  3. He's always motivated to do his best...it's internal and comes second nature to him.

  4. He has an insatiable desire to know more - he's constantly asking questions and wanting to know definitions for new words introduced to his vocabulary. He loves to do work books and educational computer games and has need to truly understand the "why's" behind things.

  5. He's cheerful!

  6. He offers affection freely and gives his family hugs and kisses all day long!

  7. He's very literal...sometimes to the point of cracking us up.

  8. He makes friends easily and tends to be a leader among his peers. Other children tend to be drawn to him and his sweet spirit.

  9. He's got an amazing verbal capacity and I suspect that whatever he winds up doing one day with his career, it will most likely include speaking or giving presentations.

  10. He's got an incredible memory and will not forget anything!

  11. He's a rule follower (like his momma') and will stress out over the idea of possibly breaking the slightest rule!

  12. He enjoys being a big brother and is anxiously awaiting the arrival of his new baby sister!

Rauly Marie...

  1. She has spunk and fire in her spirit...she is also mischieveous and loves to make us laugh!

  2. She knows what she wants and she does not waiver.

  3. She is confident and sure of herself.

  4. She is a natural leader - not bossy in any way.

  5. Despite our worries that her fiestiness would deter other children from her, she seems to have a magnet on her...other children LOVE her.

  6. We are already beginning to see that she has self-control...her 3 years of strong-willed feistiness is beginning to calm down as we watch her bite her tongue and control her fits...this is encouraging and exciting to see!

  7. She is my cuddle bug and when Chad is away, my sleep buddy!

  8. She tells us probably 20x a day how much she loves each of the members of her family!

  9. She looks like her daddy and I couldn't be happier about that - it makes my bond with her that much more special!

  10. She's soft-hearted and compassionate...she's hurts when she sees someone else hurting.

  11. She's an animal lover and I've said many times I expect that one day she will be working with animals...

  12. She's curious about the Lord at such a young age and talks about Heaven often...something that makes my heart melt! She has asked me many times if there are horses in Heaven and if when she gets there, can she ride them? :)

Lillie Anna....

  1. We love this baby unconditionally already...we may not know her personality or what she'll look like, but we know she's a child of God, given to us for a purpose and we pray that she will always know how unique and special she is.


Michael and Hannah said...

Man I'm behind on blogs!! Now I remember how much I love your family and what a blessing your friendship is! Love the new pics of Lillie Anna! How exciting!!!

Gina Harmon said...

Linds, I love seeing God's transforming power working on you, with you, and thru you. You are a wonderful mom and I'm so thankful that you recognize what a blessing each of your children are to you and Chad. You were a special child and have carried that into your adulthood. I see you in each of your children as well. Aren't we all blessed to be in God's great family! Be sure and take pics at Shep's next swim meet and include some of Rauly girl! Love you!

Sara said...

Linds- your writing is so well-worded. Itmade me get teary eyed. Motherhood is so hard, some days I feel like I've got it down, other days I feel as though I'm failing. Like you said, it is a continual job...each day I want to be better than the day before. Thanks, Lindsey!

Hannah said...

Shepherd and Will sound so much alike! We can't wait to see y'all in a couple of weeks!

kristy said...

Lindsey, you are such a great mother and your words are so encouraging! Thank you for your example.