Sunday, March 29, 2009

Oh how I'd love to sit here and right out a well thought out, heart felt and deep thinking post - ya' know...the way I used to. I won't lie, I have attempted a few times recently to sit down and type something well thought out...but I guess I just got out of the habit b/c I can't seem to dig deep...and the times I can, I begin to feel too vulnerable and so I just press -save- rather than -publish-.

I realize my posts have been few and far between lately - there has been a lot going on...many life decisions that have been made and still need to be made. We've dealt with some sickness, we've dealt with family losing jobs and finding new ones, we've dealt with decisions regarding my job, and we've dealt with what to do regarding school for next year for Shepherd. It's been a soul searching time in our lives...prayerfully seeking a lot of guidance and waiting for that peace to come so we would know that whatever decision we made, was a decision that we could feel in our heart of hearts is the right way for our family to go. God is good - decisions are being made - and Chad and I are sleeping easy at night knowing that God is guiding our path as well as the paths of our extended family members.

I'm nearly 17 weeks pregnant - wow! I'm finally myself again (aside from the lowered energy level that most pregnant women deal with in the afternoons and evenings). Chad is feeling the baby move - hard to believe, but true! I've had many ultrasounds thus far, all of them have showed that the baby is PERFECT! 4 chambered heart, perfectly developed spinal column, skull is developed properly,...thank you God. It seems my friends and family are more anxious to know the sex of this baby than I am - for some reason, I'm approaching this pregnancy with an unbelievable calm and could care less whether it's a boy or a girl...just as long as it's healthy - that is truly all I care about. I've gained 10 pounds so far - and can feel it all over. I hate gaining weight and it's this part of pregancy that I dislike the most...but, I keep telling myself it'll come off within months after the baby is born and all will be as it should be again. haha!

Here are some pictures of the past few days. Enjoy! :)

Friday night we met up with the Moore's (Chad's aunt and Uncle) at their beautiful new home they recently built and moved in to. The Siegels (Larry and Teresa) were visiting and it was really nice to see some Arkansas friends (er, family - so crazy!). It's bizarre to have my children referring to Larry and Teresa as "aunt Teresa and Uncle Larry"...for those of you who don't know the story, I grew up attending church with the Siegel's, never in a million years knowing I'd marry their nephew who was in FL.

Saturday morning the Graston Family (my dear friends!) came over so the kids could play together and me and Jamie could visit. Jamie is a gift from the Lord...the kind of friend who points everything back to the Lord and has such a gift of putting everything in to perspective. She has an eternal mindset - and I'm constantly in awe of the way she has allowed God to use her. Her boys are the kind of children that you know will be good examples for your kids - I never have to worry that Shepherd and Rauly might learn something negative from Luke and Jacob, in fact, I frequently turn to Luke as being the example for the rest of the children while they play. OH, and did I mention that she's pregnant and due on the same day as I am?!?! 9/9/ that's a neat due date! :) Love you Jamie!

Saturday afternoon, me and the kids joined Linda and Jenny at "Honeybee's" restaraunt for a celebration of Linda's time at Ridgeview Highschool. Some of you may have heard about the tremendous budget cuts taking place in Clay County ($43 million). 450 staff in the clay county school system either lost their jobs or were placed in another position. After working for Ridgeview (in the same position) for over 20 years, Linda is now leaving to work at a new Elementary school in Clay County. Her staff loves her and is going to miss her in a tremendous way - and they came to meet her for lunch to show their love and well as to give her their blessings as she begins this new adventure. And although I know this will embarrass Linda, I have to brag on her. She applied for this new position and was among many other very qualified women who were hoping to get this position...but Linda was chosen for the job and I think that just shows what an incredible woman she is!!

Rauly-Marie....after sitting patiently for 2 hours listening to women talking...she was officially ready to go at this point. :)


Jamie said...

Great picture of our kids!!! And LOVE that one of Rauly Marie! She is something else!
We had a blast Sat. too. Can't wait for the summer so our playdates can be more regular!
Love you!

Linda said...

Thanks, Lindsey, for those kind words! Enjoyed your post and the pictures....God is good!

Teresa said...

We enjoyed visiting with everyone too!!! It is a small world and we are so thankful that you are part of the Siegel family!!!

Kate said...

I sort of know how you feel with the blogging gets hard to update as often as I need to. I just want you to know that I am praying for you and for your family. These kinds of decisions are hard!!

Gina Harmon said...

It was great to get your glimpse of how things are going on a day to day basis and to see how big a part God plays in it all. I rest so much easier knowing you and Chad are going to the right source to find the answers to all of your recent decisions - it does bring you peace. Loved the pics of everyone - especially the last one of Rauly! So glad you're feeling better and more normal and that baby #3 is doing so well. Thanks for updating - it's always fun to read your blog. Miss you all! Awesome about Linda's job.

Page said...

I'm so behind!! Congrats!! We are nine days apart...I'm September 1st. I'm having a boy and I have the same symptoms as you...I never realized how HARD pregnancy can be. Limp hair, I have horrible breakouts, nausea, headaches and just exhaustion. I thought it would get better in the 2nd tri but I'm still exhausted in the afternoon and evening. *sigh* I can't wait to find out if you're having a boy or girl!!

Britney said...

Hey! Haven't stopped by in awhile! congrats on #3. I am sure going back to work has been hard. hang in there. i love your prayerful spirit!! What would we do without Him?!

Michael and Hannah said...

Cannot WAIT to find out if it's a boy or a girl!!!!!!!!!