Monday, March 09, 2009

1. Do you remember your campus mail box number? Are you kidding?!?! That's funny...
2. What was your favorite class? Coach Rags - Algebra
3. Did you ever get dormed? What for? nope
4. After leaving HU, how long before you got your first letter asking for donations? I still haven't gotten one! Guess they know we don't have the money..haha!
5. Were you ever caught making out at the soccer fields? No way...I was much more discreet then that! j/k! :)
6. What was your favorite meal in the cafeteria? I went for the health foods...yogurt and granola with a salad...I know...weirdo!
7. Were you in a Social Club? Ko Jo Kai
8. Did you ever sneak out after curfew or have others sneak in? Waaaay too much of a scaredy cat for that!
9. Which dorm were you in? Sears, Kendall, HU's old folks home (LOVED that place btw!).
10. Do you still have your notes from class? heck no!
11. Did you ever get in trouble for clothes you wore? As a matter of fact, I did! Darned those long legs!!!
12. Is there a song that makes you remember a time at HU? "Girls just wanna' have fun". Me, Laurie Christian, Haley Kemper, Kristin and a few other girls went to Sonic in between shows during Spring Sing. I think of Kristin every time I hear that song and wish she were still with us.
14. What did you major in? Family and Consumer Science
15. Did you have a nickname? Linds
16. What are some of your fondest memories? Spring Sing, Football games, Volleyball club sports, Club Induction Week, Chapel, having time to spend on myself and my friends!...gosh, soooo much!
17. What's one of the things you'd like to erase from your mind? insecurites that were senseless and wasteful - wish I could go back and give myself the confidence I have now!
18. Who was your roommate? Andrea, Lauren, Kristy and Amy
19. Circle of friends, all around social butterfly, or loner? All three...
20. Most memorable chapel? The chapel after Kristin's death,...watching so many friends go forward.
21. Did you ever have a crush that you never shared or pursued? Nope
22. Did you play intramural sports? just club sports
23. Did you have a job? I worked in the children's dept at the Methodist Church.
24. Is there someone you've lost touch with and wish you could find? I'm sure there are many
25. Is there someone you didn't know well then, but now have grown close to? Not really...
26. How did it make you better? What life lessons did you learn?I learned a lot about friendships, I learned a lot about myself, and I learned a lot about life - over all, such a growing experience!


Michael and Hannah said...

I think I qualify for #25, don'cha think???

Chad and Lindsey Eason said...

yes - u r soooooooo right!!!!

Kate said...

Fun! I never did this survey on Facebook...I guess I need to.

Lane said...

Ok I'm stealing this one! So fun!

Hicks Family said...

it has been over a month since we have seen mommy and baby eason's pictures. tell Chad to take your picture, you look fine, I know you do. :)

lauren said...

Lindsey! Just saw that you are preggers with your third!!! Congratulations!!!! So exciting! I can't wait for another sweet Eason baby to be here! I hope you are feeling well!