Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Sugar-n-Spice, and everything nice...that's what Baby Eason #3 is made of! :)

We drove back from Orlando yesterday and headed straight to my OB doctor for the most incredible ultrasound Chad and I have ever experienced. It was surreal to have Shep and Rauly in the room getting to see their sibling for the first time. The doctor asked the kids which they thought it was (boy or girl), and Rauly was the only one in the room who thought she was destined to have a sister! After taking TONS of pictures of every bone, organ and body part...the doctor proceeded to type in "I'm a GIRL!" on the computer screen, to which Chad and I immediately were shocked. Shepherd told the doctor he had to be wrong and Rauly jumped up-n-down saying "I'm going to have a SISTER!!!!". It was a really neat experience! I get emotional just thinking about what a blessing it will be for Rauly to have a sister...I always wanted someone in my life to bond with in that way...and I'm thankful that God is blessing our family in this way! She already wants to go shopping for her sister, so this morning we're going to go buy the baby some lil' girl outfits! I think it will just make it more "real" for her.

She (the baby) is perfect from head to toe. I'll say it again, I've never been so impressed with a group of doctors and I feel as if our family has been blessed in a HUGE way to have been directed to this practice. The OB who performed the ultrasound spent about 30 minutes on the ultrasound, and literally took about 25-30 pictures. He was patient as I asked him to look at the skull formation, the spinal column, the kidneys, the leg bones, the heart, cervix, facial name it, he looked at it and studied it. I admitted to him that I had a horrible nightmare the night before and just needed some reassurance that our little girl was developing perfectly in every way. The only thing he could not get a perfectly clear image of was the heart, and that was due to the position of the baby...she was upside down with her head already engaged in my pelvic area. The dco said that was the WORST position for an ultrasound! He has absolutely no reason to think the heart is anything but perfect, BUT, has scheduled another ultrasound in 6 weeks to take one more look at it...which means we get to see our little girl again! :)

Ok...for those of you who want to see my "fat preggo self", here's a pic. I know, it's isn't pretty...and it's only down hill from here I'm afraid! haha! I'm 18 weeks and have already gained about 15 pounds....which means I'm well on the road to gaining about 30 pounds total. UGH! I'm holding up two fingers b/c this is the baby's second trip to Disney World. :)

Our trip to Orlando was great and actually relaxing. We travelled down on Sunday a.m. with Dennis, Linda and Jenny and headed to Epcot. Their was so much to do and so much that we didn't get to see that day - we could have easily spent two days there. The next day was spent at Animal Kingdom, which again, we loved! I forgot my camera in the car, so Jenny got all the pics on her camera...she got some great pictures, so I'll try to post them once I get them. Nickelodean Resort is AMAZING and I'd highly recommend it if you have children! From the outside, it looks completely obnoxious, and when we first pulled up, I was a little nervous. But the second we walked in to our suite, I was totally on board! We were able to pick the style of room we wanted (we picked Dora/Diego) and so the kids got their own room with bunk beds, a flat screen t.v. and a playstation (which they didn't play b/c they didn't know how). Right outside our room was a really cool water park complete with cabana's, huge slides and a heated pool the size of a hotel! :) We would definitely go back there - to have a place geared towards children having the time of their lives, but at the same time, to have a place that the adults can sit back and relax...makes for a good vacation. :)

The view out our door at the Nickelodean Resort.

The Nick Arcade

Epcot - Nemo's ride


Hicks Family said...

1. you are NOT fat preggo, you look really good! Just a reminder...3rd baby!
2. Loved all the pictures. I can't wait to take Kayden there. I am sure she would love it.
3. I am so excited about baby girl! And that Rauly will get to experience the same things Kayden is.
We love you...all 5 of you!

Jamie said...

We will have to try out Nicolo....dean???how did you spell that again? That hotel! Looks super fun for little kids, which is what we are all about these and kids.

and YAY for a baby girl! We definitely need more beautiful Eason girls in the world! ;0) You guys are makin' the world a lovlier place!
love you!

Kate said...

Congrats on your girl!! How exciting!!

I do have to say one thing, though: If you ever make another comment about being fat again, I will drive right down there, Young Lady, and strangle you!!!! You have NO IDEA what it feels like to be fat...I, on the other hand, gained a whopping 35 lbs on top of an already 20 lb overweight, 5 foot 2 body frame when I was pregnant with Jack. And don't EVEN get me started on being pregnant with twins. Needless to say, you need to sit down and eat a greasy donut, for cryin' out loud ;) I love you!!!

Chad and Lindsey Eason said...

Yes, I'll admit to being obsessed with my weight. Let me just explain...when you're TALL and gain weight, you look less feminine. It isn't fun to be taller than many men and on top of that, to actually weigh more! Trust me, it's nice being tall when you're's awful being tall when you're overweight b/c than you're just HUGE! lol! OH, and as for the greasy me, every pound I've gained is due to late night brownies, ice cream, donuts and nacho' self-control goes out the window when I'm pregnant! I look at the food and go "uuuugh! I KNOW that will just make me bigger", but when I'm hungry and craving it, I could care less!

Gina Harmon said...

Love, love, love the pics! What an incredible place at that hotel. I'm surprised the kiddos could even sleep that night! What fun to be able to go to Disney World on a regular basis! The perks of living in Florida I'm sure! Glad you all had a great time and we're so excited about baby girl! Yes, I agree with your look great! Talked to Jacob tonight and told him about baby #3 being a girl. He's coming April 28 around midnight and will be here over a week - with a 3 day trip to Memphis with all of his friends and we'll try to go to Shreveport to meet Papa and Uncle Craig. I'm looking forward to seeing him and only wish you guys could be here too! Love you!