Thursday, November 22, 2007


1) For WalMart bags that don't leak....Shep threw-up in Walmart.

2) For children that can aim well and don't make a mess when they're puking.

3) For a husband who is tough as nails and can drive to the store at 4am despite the fact that he's sick as a dog, so he can get anti-nausea meds for his family.

4) For family who live nearby so that Rauly (who was the only one who was well at this point) could stay far far from all these germs.

5) For the sweetest child in the world - it's amazing how heartbreakingly adorable sick lil' ones are! Shep rubbed my back last night as we took turns sharing a toilet and made the sweetest comments...sometimes I feel like he's my little angel! **Might I add that I pray none of you ever have to experience being sick at the same time as your child...Chad and I learned the hard way how difficult it is to soothe and comfort a child who is sick when you're just as bad off!!**

6) For a lack of a Thanksgiving Dinner...just the thought of food makes Chad and I moan and groan right now!

7) And finally....I'm thankful for some much needed downtime....Chad, myself and Shepherd actually watched parts of the parade today, the national dog show and are planning on watching several more holiday flicks today - sometimes being sick can actually be a blessing in disguise! Although I definitely wish we had never gotten sick, I doubt we would have taken the time to lay around and do nothing had we not caught this "virus".

SO - I'm thankful this holiday season for many odd things...and many normal/common things like family and friends, a beautiful home, a wonderful church family and the fact that we need nothing!!! Thank you God for all you've given us...we are truly blessed!!!


Mom said...

Wow! It's hard to feel sorry for you guys when you always manage to see the silver lining even in a situation as ugly and dire as everyone throwing up and having diarrhea at the same time! I'm thankful for your positive attitude and your ability to make me and others laugh despite the "I'm glad it wasn't me!" feeling! Happy Thanksgiving and maybe you can enjoy a plate of today's special prepared foods tomorrow! Love you! Mom

Hicks Family said...

So sorry you are all sick. Hope you are feeling better soon. Talk to you soon.

Jamie said...

oh no, Linds!!! What a way to spend Thanksgiving!!! :0(
Once again I can say I've been there and done that! Jacob was our "carrier monkey" who infected us all...and it was such a hard few days-- we still talk about that and how vivid the memories remain!! Maybe that's why I'm the mom who runs from germs and bathes my kids in hand sanitizer upon leaving a store! Glad to hear Shep has been a sweetie. Love you guys---get better soon!

Marie said...

That stinks! Hope you all are on the mend. It is definitely not easy to care for a sick one when you both are down there too. Praying that Rauly doesnt get it, and you all stay healthy from now on. So glad you got the chance to relax and spend some time together.

Marie said...

oh and thanks for the advise on churches. We have thought about just jumping in, but at the same time, we really want that connection. Such a hard time, but semi- glad I am not the only one that is/has going through it! I'm praying we get it decided soon!

kristy patterson said...

Leave it to you to see the best in EVERY situation!!! So sorry you've all been so sick, but am glad to hear that you were at least able to spend some down time with your family. Reading about how Shep rubbed your back while you were sick warmed my heart! Hope you're all feeling much better!