Sunday, August 19, 2007

100 Things about me...

1. Born and raised in Arkansas.
2. I weighed 6 lbs 4oz at birth...this fact amazes me since I am by no means a tiny person now!
3. I despised being taller than everyone else growing up...
4. I now LOVE it and stand as tall as I can when in a group.
5. Yes,...I am 6'0.
6. I have a huge crush on "The Rock"...Chad knows this and still allows me to rent all of his movies. :)
7. I hate my hands - ever since I was in highschool and a boy very loudly and very rudely commented on how big they were, I have always been self-consious. (thanks a lot Kevin.)
8. Chad tells me how beautiful my hands are...always saying how he loves my long fingers - I don't believe him and probably never will!!
9. I ran track in highschool - not my proudest achievement.
10. I specifically ran coach thought that with my long legs, I would be great - booooyyyy was he wrong.
11. My most embarassing moment was at a track meet. I was up to run the 400 hurdle race and when the gun went off - I ran my heart out - however, I didn't jump over a single hurdle....I just ran around them. All the other girls in the race just looked at me like "hey - she's cheating!".
12. What cracks me up most about that race is that I still didn't come in first!!! In fact, I'm pretty sure I was one of the last in the bunch to cross the finish line.
13. That's ok though because I was the captain of the varsity volleyball team 10th-12th grade. Whew - at least my long legs and hands proved to be good for something!
14. I am an idealist...have always been, most likely will always be.
15. I was homeschooled for 7 years.
16. Now that I am a mom, I am amazed that my mom was able to put up with me and my brother for that long!
17. I still remember my first kiss vividily and am still amazed at how it literally made my heart skip a beat.
18. I am a people pleaser...always have been...hoping I won't always be.
19. I have a temper.
20. I am impatient.
21. I am not proud of either one of those traits.
22. I am sensitive to a fault.
23. I hate to waste people's time.
24. I hate to have my time wasted.
25. I look out for underdogs.
26. I am deeply affected by my friends and families will keep me up at night.
27. I tend to take the worlds problems on my shoulders.
28. I have a very very hard time trusting people.
29. This is probably why I have LOTS of acquaintances but very few close friends.
30. I have always been extremely shy around boys and to this day am a bit uncomfortable with the opposite sex.
31. I can remember as a young girl walking down the street to my neighborhood pool...if there were boys on the street ahead of me, I would take a side street to get there or I would turn around and go home.
32. The only two men I am completely comfortable with are Chad and my brother,...and of course my lil' man, Shepherd.
33. I am a good listener.
34. I LOVE to hear people talk about their lives...where they come from, where they hope to be some day,...what makes them tick.
35. My love languages are: Quality Time and Words of Affirmation.
36. I had Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever in 9th grade.
37. Because of that, I now have Rheumatoid Arthritis. I also get tired quicker then most.
38. I never get sick though and am an extremely healthy person otherwise.
39. I'm a bit obsessive-compulsive about cleaning.
40. I always thought I wanted 4 children.
41. After having 2 kids so close together, I'm thinking we'll be doing great if we have one more child.
42. When I go in to the "Lady's room" I always check to see if there is a snake in the water before I sit down. Always.
43. I am terrified of spiders!
44. I am amazed at how much growing up I've done in the past 3 years!
45. I am still very embarassed by things I did as a young child.
46. I was always hurting my friends accidentally...I was like a big oaf.
47. I remember breaking a friends glasses (sorry Mary Beth) and crying the whole way home from church because I felt so clumsy.
48. Fast forward to college: I remember people telling me how graceful they thought I was (thank you mom for those modeling classes - they paid off!) :)
49. I have always enjoyed visiting with people who are older then me.
50. In fact, all of my friends in Jacksonville are in their mid thirties.
51. I was a big dork growing up!
52. I learned how to be "cool" while at CAC.
53. I remember holding out my hand to introduce myself to a girl on my first day of school and she looked at my hand and threw her head back and laughed at me. I immediately dropped my hand and acted like I was joking!
54. I can be friends and fit in with most people.
55. This is a blessing and a curse.
56. No matter where I am, I feel like I can relate to people...most people would say this is good and I believe in many ways it is a good trait.
57. BUT - there are times when I feel lonely because it seems like many women have a "group" they belong too...I typically float from group to group - feeling welcomed by all but not belonging to any.
58. When it comes to relationships I am a very fast learner.
59. When it comes to math, I am a very slow learner.
60. I always thought I would be a nurse.
61. My one and only regret is that I didn't get a nursing degree while at Harding.
62. When my children are in school, I plan to go back to school and get a second nursing. :)
63. Why didn't I get a nursing degree origonally?...out of fear that I wasn't capable of doing the math and science aspect.
64. I was baptized by my dad.
65. I truly developed my own faith while living in Savannah,GA.
66. I praise God for the struggles we had while living there. Because of our difficulties, we learned to rely on God and have faith in Him.
67. I believe nothing is harder or more rewarding then raising a child.
68. I live for God and feel lavished upon by His love and many blessings.
69. I believe Chad is an answer to prayers.
70. I thought I wasn't good enough for him which is funny because he says he thought he wasn't good enough for me!
71. We're still learning things about each other.
72. We have only had 1 knock-down drag out fight...
73. I holler when I get mad - he clams that fight though, there was hollering coming out of both our mouths!
74. I have never said something in anger to him that I later regretted...neither has he.
75. He has taught me how to argue rationally.
76. I have taught him how to argue passionately!
77. My family on my moms side is cajun french.
78. My great-grandma only spoke cajun french so I was never able to communicate with her.
79. I still smile when my Papa calls me "Sha"...and when my uncle calls himself my "Pahreh".
80. I love to read.
81. I typically finish a book (no matter how big it is) within 48 hours of starting it because I cannot put it down.
82. I read extremely fast - Chad is constantly amazed at how many pages I read in a short amount of time.
83. I am more content now in our 1200 square foot condo then I was in Savannah in our 1500 square foot home.
84. I love listening to my children before they go to sleep - listening to them giggling and talking just melts my heart.
85. I am open-minded.
86. I am stubborn.
87. I tend to want to rebel if I feel I'm being controlled.
88. I hate the fact that I can't work out 5 days a week like I used to.
89. I LOVE to lift weights, do aroebics at the gym and sweat buckets!
90. I long for the day when we can join a YMCA and I can attempt to get my old figure back...
91. I am a dog lover - I hate it that our lab can't live with us right now.
92. I get freaked out when I do something and I realize I look just like my dad or sound just like my mom....I'm finding that happens a lot now-a-days.
93. I am a conservative republican.
94. I have never eaten a bad piece of pizza...
95. I love the south and would never want to live anywhere else.
96. I learned to water-ski when I was 4.
97. I took piano lessons for 9 years.
98. I am dependable.
99. I hate cats - am allergic to them - get grossed out by their hair and freaked out by their snobiness.
100. I hate clutter and get very aggravated when my house is a mess.

Ok guys - I got this off of Shauri's blog (forever ago!) it's your turn!


Anonymous said...

Wow! I learned so much! I'm so glad you did that! We have a lot of things in common. :) You know, we could have pushed each other through nursing school had we known we both wanted to do that. You are such a beautiful person inside and out (so are your hands, take that Kevin). :) Love you, Shauri

Nathan & Lindsey said...

Ok, I guess that I need to get on the stick and do my 100 things. I will work on that after next week, once we have gotten moved. I forgot just how much we have in common till reading you blog. No wonder we were such good friends in HS...I think we should talk, emial, blog,etc more! I assume you are talking about Kevin Dugger. If you want me to next time I see him I will kick him in the shin for you! Just kidding

Love you girl

Lindsey said...

Linz - I was talking about Kevin Dugger - how funny is that?! I know what you mean...we should definitely try to keep in touch better! I can't wait to see you at the wedding! Looking forward to reading your 100 things...

Shauri - Glad I'm not the only one who has regrets regarding my degree! I'm so surprised to hear you wish you'd gone to nursing school though because you sound like you were meant to be a teacher - you must have many areas of interest!! Thanks for spurring me on to do my 100 things! :)

lauren said...

When I read this, I see such an incredibly beautiful, interesting person who I so wish I could go back to Harding and have been better friends with! We are a LOT alike, in some ways, scarily alike! I'm so thankful for this opportunity to get to know you better. # 74, 75, and 76 is exactly the way we argue, too! I always have felt that we argue well because of it. Thanks for your honesty and openness! Any friend of yours is a very blessed person!

Michael and Hannah said...

Yes, my friend, you and I were destined to be close buddies. You're my kind of gal! We have so much in common. Except that I'm not tall, not athletic, don't have a good figure to get back, and haven't read a book in years (although I was a book work as a kid before excessive required reading in high school AP English sucked it out of me. Who knows... my love for reading may return some day. Right now I want to have something to show for any free time I have at all, so I tend to do things like scrapbook and write cards and letters. I read Pride and Prejudice last year to see if my love of reading had returned yet, and although I enjoyed the book, at the end I was super-bummed that I had spent so much time with nothing tangible to show for it!). But I'm right there with ya on almost everything else. Especially on hating cats!!!

kristy patterson said...

I loved reading all these "Lindsey facts!" You have such depth to your personality--thank you for sharing so much of yourself with us.
I never knew you wanted to be a nurse. You are compassionate and have a love for people who are hurting--one day (when the kiddos are a little older) you will be a GREAT nurse!

Page said...

oohhh, this was fun to read! I think I'll do one as well! I, too, like the other commenters, feel that we have a lot in common! Well, EXCEPT for the cat thing...I too wasn't a fan of cats until I found Boo Kitty. I agree that most cats aren't very sociable and scare me as well (I had a cat growing up that TERRIFIED was awful), but Boo Kitty is SO outgoing and LOVES people. He and the dogs play with eachother all the time. It's really funny and I now can't imagine being without him....never say never!!

Lindsey said...

Lauren, I wish we could have known each other better at HU also! Better late than never though - hopefully our kiddo's will be buddies at Harding! Thank you so much for the sweet comments!

Hannah - You crack me up!! I have got to make a trip up to Lakeland to see you guys soon - I know Shep, Rauly and Wesley would have a blast and it'd be so nice to visit with you while our hubbies are working!

Kristy - I just read your comment on my previous post and am SO excited to hear you ordered the book!! I can't wait to hear what yout think about it!!

Page - I have never liked cats but when I saw Boo Kitty on your blog, I immediately thought he was beautiful! I also have known one or two cats that struck me as lovable, so you're right - I should never say never! :) Looking forward to reading your 100 things...

Hicks Family said...

In reference to number 57, you will always be a part of my group.
And 101. should be that you are a faithful prayer warrior! I know that personally. I love ya girl.

The Brown Family said...

Hey Lindsey! Thanks for the encouraging words for the whole potty training thing. It's so funny, I didn't think we would be training this early in the game...before 2 years old! Sterling and I start school on September 4th. It's so cute because we even have a list of supplies to bring for him. He's such a big boy! anyway, thanks so much for guiding me through my blog process! Hope you guys are doing well. I read your 100's so fun reading things like that, you learn so much. You're such a wonderful person and I'm so glad to be back in contact with you!

hr said...

Great post...I'm so glad to know you!

The Dawkins said...

It is amazing how much different people have in common. #82 same way with me and my husband, he always says there is no way I can remember what I have read...he is wrong. I think if I did 100 things it would take me about a week!

Lindsey said...

Melis, That short and sweet comment brought tears to my eyes. Ditto chick - you will always be a part of my clan as well. :) Love you too!!

Lane, Shep starts preschool on September 5th so our boys will be making their school debut around the same time!!

The Shirley's said...

Thanks Lindsey for the comments on our house. We are so excited to move in this weekend and I'm so ready to take a little break. Love the 100 things. Hope all is well!

Sarah-N-Nolan said...

Hi there girly!! It does seem like forever since I've seen you, and I miss you! Your family is beautiful!!! When I think about you it's so hard not to think about you dressed as a mom for Spring Sing! I will be keeping in touch!!

The Brown Family said...

You bet! Thank you!

Mary Beth said...

Did you break my glasses at church? I have absolutely no memory of that. It's funny how some things seem so huge to us and nobody else even notices. I enjoyed your post; we have a lot more in common than I realized.
Mary Beth

Ezell Family said...

Wow! What a great way to get to know someone!
Lindsey, I just have to thank you for for sweet comments that you leave for us! I've never met you but feel like I have. Thank you for being a great example that we all strive to be of Christ's love. I feel the same way about not feeling like you really fit into one group of people. I ALWAYS feel like that! It gets quite lonely sometimes. I'll try to do my 100 things soon!

Lindsey said...

Sarah - I've added you to my link list! Good to see you on here - Spring Sing seems like SOOOO long ago but thanks for reminding me - your comment made me smile! :)

Mary Beth - you, me, (and several other LRC kids) were playing in the front of our old ghetto building...I can't remember how I did it, but the two of us were playing and somehow I wound up knocking you down and breaking your glasses in the parking lot. How funny that you don't remember that because I remember it vividly!!

Kimberly said...

I love these things about you!
1. YOu already have your figure back so don't worry about joining the Y
2. I so can relate to hating my hands! I am a little self conscience about them and always worried I have "Man hands" like on Seinfield

Kate said...

Hey! Sorry I've been such a distant blog friend! Loved the 100 Things post! Even though I'm muuuuuuuch shorter than you (5'2), I have always hated my height and hands, as well. Now, I really love being short--especially since I married a man who is 5'6!! As for my hands, I've always hated them, and still do, because they are so big for my size! My college roommate struggled with the same hatred of her hands, so we always made fun of ourselves by saying we had "man hands--" like on Seinfeld. Anyway, I think you're great!! Talk to you soon, girlie!

Whitney said...

So many similarities between you and me! The one that struck me most is about becoming rebellious when you feel controlled. That's about the only time that I have a rebellious attitude, but if I feel controlled, then I'm a rebel with a cause! You've inspired me to work on 100 things about Whitney. This may take a while, so be patiend. I know I owe everyone a blog update... soon I promise... soon.