Thursday, March 29, 2007

I got this off of someone else's blog - it's purpose is to show the relationship you have with each blogger. Hope you enjoy and I would love to see how you've met your blogger friends too!! :)

Gina Harmon @ K.W. Realty - This is my mom's realty page - met her 25 years ago! :)
Julian Family - Kelly is a friend from HU, we were in Kojies together. I went to CAC with her husband John.
Siegel Family - This is a blog that all of Chad's family uses to keep in touch from several different states.
Mitchell Family - Katie is a childhood friend, we grew up going to church together. We were in Kojies together at HU.
Beller Family - Amanda and I were in Kojies together, Justin and Chad were on the O-line together.
Baber Family I met Jennifer while working at Hope Cottage - she adopted a family during Christmas and provided them with presents. We've been good friends ever since! Chad knew Reagan from HU - Reagan's dad was one of Chad's professors.
Patterson Family Kristy is a friend from HU. We met our freshman year and were roomies our sophomore year. Payton and Chad were good friends at HU.
Satterfield Family Lauren was a friend from HU and Chad and Josh played football together.
Ware Family - Friend from HU - Amanda and I were in Kojies together.
Hall Family - Kim is one of the main reasons I pledged Kojies (I don't think I've ever told her that though!!) :)
Terri - Melissa's sis - I met Terri in the caf at HU and we've been friends ever since.
Hicks Family - John and Chad were on the O-line together. Melissa and I became friends through our husbands...we're now best friends and talk on the phone several times a day!
Phillips Family - Shauri and Justin are friends from highschool and HU.
Siegel Family Readers - This is a blog Chad's family started up to discuss any interesting books we were all reading...we don't use it very much! :)
Lauren - This is the blog that Lauren Hickmon was updating while she was in Africa. She's home right now so it's not in use. Lauren was a friend from HU.
Wes Woodell - Wes is a childhood friend - his dad baptized my dad many years ago and also married Chad and I.
Picker Family - Mary Beth and I are childhood friends...we grew up going to church together. She was also my suitemate my sophomore year. I met Casey while at HU and they now attend me and Mary Beth's home congregation.
Manor Family - I met Elijah and Andrea through my mom. She sold them a house and just loved them!
Jonathan and Holly - Holly and I met at HU but made life long memories while directing JGJ/KJK spring sing - we won that year!!! :)
Walter Family Matt and Amy are HU friends...Amy was one of my best friends while at Harding...we have a lot of memories of attending baseball games together and sharing clothes from our fabulous closets! :)
Harriman Family - HU friend, Sarah was President of Kojies the year I pledged. I have known her sister Lara since youthgroup years.
Channing Family - I met Diedre while attending Covenant church in Searcy.
McCown Family - Frank was one of Chad's professors.
Arnold Family - I knew Paula from HU - we were in Kojies together.
Quads!! (Suzanne) - I didn't know Suzanne well while at HU, but I knew who she was. She now is having quads and I frequent her blog regularely!!
Marla's pregnancy - I've never met Marla but she is a friend of Jennifer Baber. She has an amazing testimony that she shared recently on her blog...she's lost 2 babies after they were born (very healthy pregnancies). They finally adopted their son Shepherd and Marla is pregnant again. I check her blog to see how her pregnancy is going.
Jayde and Canyon - I have never met this family but Jayde and Kanyon were born 2 days ago. They are twins and their moms water broke at 25 weeks - they are good friends of Terri Lee. They need prayers right now!

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