Friday, March 30, 2007

How is everyone doing on their New Years Resolutions?...

Well, I decided it was time to take a look at Chad and my resolutions to refresh my memory on everything we are suppossed to be focusing on this year. I am pleased to say we are making progress in several areas - not only on this years goals but also on our lifetime goals. There were a few resolutions that we are totally slacking on and need to get on the ball - but that's ok! I guess we just have to do our best to stay on track despite the many distractions that life throws our way daily. I put stars next to the ones we're making significant progress with,.. those without stars are the ones I'm going to start focusing on more. So - how are all of you doing on your goals, dreams and resolutions?!

This is the list I made on January 1st:2007 New Year Resolution:
*** 1.) Create a successful business on the side while Chad teaches so that he can eventually quit teaching and run our business full-time.
***2.) Chad has a goal of losing 30 more pounds next year and I would like to gain muscle tone back
***3.) Continue to pay down our debt (HU loans and pay down mortgage)
4.) Pray over Shep and Rauly every night while they're asleep...specifically for their protection as well as their future.

Life long goals and dreams:
1.) Be completely debt free (including mortgage)
***2.) Be good examples to our children in all aspects (spiritual, mental, emotional, physical, financial)
***3.) Raise children who are strong in their walk with the Lord and who in turn will continue a legacy of faith throughout generations to come.
***4.) Have time and financial freedom by being successful business owners.
5.) Travel to Europe, Hawaii and every state in the US - go on 1 cruise and travel to Atlantis. Go skiing in CO!!! (Yeah I know, we'd better start travelling now - but we have to meet our debt free goal first and so it may be a while!)


Hicks Family said...

Congrats on your resolutions...We really didn't make any, just some goals. And some things we didn't plan for (baby). :) Oh well, God knows what we need.
Can we go on all your trips with you?

Lindsey said...

Melissa - Please come on all our trips with us - it would be SO much more fun to lay on the beach with you and I know Chad would rather deep sea fish with John! :)

Anonymous said...

I am having trouble signing into Blogger, for some crazy reason! I think I forgot my password. Oh, well...I know better than to plan out my year too much! Last time I tried to make big goals (which included finishing college, going to Europe, and losing weight), I ended up with 3 babies in a year and a half!! Yes, we have to be careful to not set our hearts on those resolutions too much! No, seriously, one of my resolutions was to pray for a specific unsaved friend of mine daily and take time out every week to serve that person in some way. So far, by God's grace, I've been pretty consistent and God has provided several opportunities for me to share the Gospel with her. It's going to take some time and lots of prayer, but I know the Holy Spirit is working!

Good luck with keeping your resolutions in check. Thanks for the reminder!! I needed it. --Katie

Anonymous said...

You're awesome! We really should do this also! It's such a great way to accomplish your goals when you write them down and keep track of them. Thanks for the idea! :) How are you guys doing? Talk to you soon! Love you, Shauri

Lindsey said...

Katie - that is an excellent resolution - what a wonderful way to share the gospel and minister to someone by serving them in some way regularely and praying for them consistently! I'm proud of you for sticking with it!

Shauri - We're doing great - thx for askin'! Chad and I were talking today at lunch about how we can't wait to have Shep in sports like's going to be SO fun!!

aWare said...

I am so glad you posted this! Ever since you posted the original new years resolution I have been trying to pray over Harry every night. I know if we get in the habit to do it together it will be easier, as of now we do it seperately then together when we pray, I really think your idea to pray over your babies is such a practical prayer, thanks for your great idea!

lauren said...

I'm so proud of you for making so much progress! Thanks for the reminder, too!