Wednesday, March 28, 2007

I have added a link to a site for twins that were born at 25 weeks...they are both teeny tiny and obviousely in need of much prayer right now. I heard about them through Terri Lee's blog (she is good friends with the mother of the twins). Friends of the Phillips family have started a prayer chain that will continue on for 48 hours and they are asking anyone who can to sign up for a time to pray and diligently pray for 30 minutes....the next 48 hours are crucial for these babies survival and the little girl has had several set-backs already. If anyone would like to do this, please go to the families page. One of the more recent posts on their page has a link to the prayer chain sign up sheet. On the sign up sheet, scroll to the bottom and you will see all the times available for prayer. Thanks everyone.

I just checked the twins blog and the little girl - Jayde - died last night. I don't know at what time and I don't know what the cause. I cannot even begin to imagine the pain that this family is experiencing or the fear they must still hold for their surviving twin - Kanyon. Please pray for this family...Kory and Jaime are the parents. Also please continue to pray hard for Kanyon,...he has also had a few set-backs and is by no means out of danger.

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Hicks Family said...

thanks for posting on your blog
I know the family would appreciate your prayers and asking others for prayers.
Hope to see you on Monday