Monday, September 05, 2016

Hey friends, I've hesitated to share this but many of you have been asking questions so I thought I'd update my blog (something I haven't done in a reeeeaaaallly long time!!!).

So, some of you know I've been sick. Some of you don't. For those of you who have no clue what's going on, I've been...not myself...for a while now. After months and months of not feeling right, Chad finally pushed me to the doctor and this summer, blood work revealed that I'm in a *re-infection* of Lyme disease. *I was bitten by a tick at 15 yrs old and treated in the hospital for this, but am learning I wasn't treated nearly long enough, nor were the doctors aware of any of my co-infections, thus, the re-infection 20 years later). So, yeah...3 Co-Infections (apparently quite commonly seen in Lyme patients)... Babesia, Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever and Typhus...if you're interested in what these are, feel free to Google. 

Oh, and yes, all 4 infections came from one. single. tick bite. One teeny-tiny lil' insignificant deer tick. Mind boggling.

Because I've been ignoring my symptoms for so long, these infections are now deemed "chronic" and will be much more difficult to treat. My diagnosis is "late stage Neurological Lyme Disease + Co-infections". It's neurological based on my symptoms (not sharing that here but if you want to talk about this, again, PM me), and based on MRI findings revealing my Central Nervous System, Brain and Heart are all affected at this point (again, not sharing on here, PM me if you would like more info). In other words, it's not as simple as a 28 day antibiotic. It's now going to be more like 6-12 months of multiple antibiotics. I've been told many chronic Lyme sufferers never fully recover and am choosing to believe and hope that will not be my story. But if it is?...we'll cope with that, just as we're coping now.

I really want my friends and family to understand what this is and what it all means, but honestly, it's taken MONTHS for us to fully comprehend what we're dealing with and hours upon hours of research. And it cannot be explained in a simple post. If anyone is confused or needs more information, again, please pm me. I don't want to be evasive or secretive at all,...but also don't want to bombard anyone with details they don't want. :-) 

Many of you are probably wondering how I could be so sick when I typically look pretty normal. Right??? Truth be told, I can go out in public and be "me" for about 1 hour...maybe 2 if I focus extra hard and use all my reserves. But if my friends and family are around me long enough, they'll begin to see the new and what I jokingly call the UNimproved Lindsey. It is what it is folks, sometimes laughing is better than crying. ;-) A friend recently sent me the below article and I'm sharing it here, b/c it explains why I smile...why I laugh...why I'm applying make-up and jewelry and trying to be "me" to the absolute best of my current ability. I don't ask anyone to understand what I'm feeling, or what Chad is feeling. I don't even ask you to try. But this is our reality and for those of you who can accept it and simply offer moral support, we thank you.

We've been referred to an LLMD who specializes in Neurological Lyme Disease + Co-infections this week. He's in New York, so we're making quite the trek to see him, and taking quite the leap of faith that God can use him to help me be fully me again. Thank you in advance for your prayers moving forward!


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