Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Just keep swimming!

I keep hearing Dory's voice in my head...yes, I do realize that hearing a fish voice in my head could be a sign that I've officially lost my mind, but at least the voice is speaking positive words, right? ;-). "Just keep swimming...just keep swimming...just keep swimming." 

In the summertime, I swim. No, not in a pool (although I do that some too)...I swim through life...sometimes with my head down, coming up every now and then for a deep breath, then head down for a few more laps...sometimes I just doggy paddle. Sometimes I even get to lay on my back and float for a few days (those days are rare but so very nice). :-) I've been swimming, swimming, swimming and am finally beginning to see an end to the laps....or tunnel...or, whatever - no more metaphors. 

Last year, I began feeling a very strong calling placed on my heart. A calling to work with children. I know, I know...I was in the midst of homeschooling so that "calling" may seem a bit odd to some seeing as how I was working with children every day! But, I was feeling a very specific burning in my heart to work with children who need extra help...kids who learn in special ways...kids who upon opening a book see a jumble of letters rather than a series of words. I've always loved to read and over the years have begun to recognize that I also love teaching children how to read. It's been a blessing teaching my own kids and there have been a few littles in our community who I've had the pleasure of working with as well. All that to say, THIS is what I want to do and this is something I know I can do with passion and joy. So, beginning in September, I will begin my Masters program for K-21 Special Education, with the long term goal of getting a Reading Specialist License. 

Mid-year, Chad and I sat the kids down and discussed this with them. Their eyes got big and they seemed amazed at the idea of their mother going back to school! But what struck me was their enthusiasm and encouragement for me pursuing this...Rauly told me "mom, you need to do this...you can help kids who need it." So, alrighty then! We're doing this!

We'll all be swimming, swimming, swimming our way towards our goals. Shep and Rauly, 4th and 2nd grade - Lils in VPK. Me in my Masters. Chad, continually building the business. Our family, continually growing and leaning on one another to support and encourage dreams and hopes and a bright future. It's a beautiful thing!

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