Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Ac-Cent-Tchu-Ate The Positive!

We've been nearly 100% gluten free, dairy free and sugar free, (LA can add Grain free to that too), for almost 4 weeks now. Am I allowed to toot my family's horn for actually making it this far? Toot-toot! :-)

And look at this beautiful girl....

...she's practically beaming with health! She's not perfect...she's had a few gagging bouts and a few bad diapers over the past month. But, TONS better and we're incredibly encouraged and hopeful.

This month has been a learning experience. I've learned that one could probably have a stroke when checking out at Whole Foods...the food ain't cheap! I've learned that I actually can cook...even though it doesn't come easy. I've also learned that I may have the most supportive and encouraging husband in the world - he has stuck with the plan and hasn't complained at all nor has he flipped out when he's seen the weekly receipts for our groceries. What a good man!

We're currently in the process of genetic testing. We sent tests off on Monday to check for Celiac and Gluten Sensitivity genes. And later this month we will be testing for more (I have no clue what the Geneticists at Nemours will be looking for). I don't know (yet) if the diet is the solution to all these problems, but after countless hours of research this month, we're confident that regardless of whether it's the solution or not, it's certainly helping which means we'll be sticking with it indefinitely (much to Rauly and Shep's dismay!). ;-)

Funny story: This Sunday at church, Rauly handed Linda (my MIL) a note that said "Wen will we be dun with this diyet?". My poor deprived kids. ;-p We've all gone through withdrawals...cranky and irritable pretty much summed up our family for the first two weeks. But the withdrawals have passed and we're all beginning to enjoy Goat cheese, Pumpkin seeds and gluten free bread. There are some things on this "diet" that have been VERY easy to adjust grass fed meat (YUM!) and organic vegetables and fruit (yes, they actually DO taste much better than non-organic). So, it may seem as if we're deprived, but honestly, we're eating pretty darn well....macadamia nuts, luscious strawberries and rack of lamb...yeah, don't feel sorry for us. :-)


Marie said...

We are going to be moving to more of a gluten free diet as well. Riley has sever exzema, and we have heard that gluten can cause some issues with that. goes nothing! Glad to know that the stroke didn't actually happen- I am now prepared! ;) Glad everyone has adjusted and is doing well!!

My Love Times Two said...

That sounds like something I would say! ;)

Michael and Hannah said...

Oh my goodness, I am in awe of you guys!! I know I am so ignorant because I'm sitting here trying to think of what foods have no gluten, dairy, or sugar and I'm kinda stumped!