Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Spring Break Camp with Pap and Gigi!

Did I mention my sweeeeeet momma who flew all the way to Florida and took off work for an entire week to come take care of our kids (so we could go to Jamaica), wound up falling and breaking her elbow on her FIRST day here? Did I mention it was due to Lillie Anna's CVS?? The first night my mom was here, Lillie began vomiting...and vomiting...and vomiting. She puked all. night. long. and I went through every single towel in our house! The next morning, she threw up again and I had to bathe her - but this time, I had no towels to dry her off with. So, she pitter-pattered across the bathroom floor with wet feet. I closed the door behind us and completely forgot about the wet tile, but about 15 minutes later, my mom found it. She slipped, broke her elbow and we wound up having to fly in Pap to save the day! (I realize I'm making it sound as if she broke her elbow and that was the end of it. Truth is we spent the day at the hospital with her in agonizing pain while LA gagged and had diahrea...and I think I gained about 10 gray hairs that day!)

Mike enjoying peace and quiet at the Library.

Thankfully Mike (my step-dad) was more then willing to fly in to sunny Florida to help us. Bless his heart. It is inCREDibly hard to believe this is the same man who was diagnosed with Stage 4 Bone Cancer last year!!! I mean,'s a miracle! With a lot of prayer and a lot of diet changes, he has regained his strength, grown back his hair, regained his energy, and grown his faith. He's a walking testimony to God's faithfulness! And I think the week of Spring Break, he may have earned a few jewels for Heaven. ;-) He wound up having to change LA's awful diapers all week, clean the house, entertain all three kids, get them ready for church, make 3 meals and multiple snacks a day, give baths...etc...etc...etc. He is a TROOPER and Chad and I are so thankful for his willingness to drop everything and come to our aid! He went above and beyond by really getting on the kids level - they thoroughly enjoyed spending time with him and my mom and I know many great memories were made.

The girls utilizing my moms IPad.

Mike on "Kitchen Duty".

Rauly cleaning out her drawers because...and I quote..."she couldn't take it anymore". A girl after my own heart - love it!

I'm really not sure how one with a broken elbows helps a 6 year old bake muffins, or tickles squirmy two year olds, but somehow, my mom did just that - and I have pics to prove it! ;-)

Here's LA after a "tickle attack" from Gigi. :-)

Thanks Pap and Gigi for the special week you gave the thinks a "Camp with Pap and Gigi" should be an annual tradition!...any takers?? yes?? ;-)


Michael and Hannah said...

Rauly saying she couldn't take it anymore cracked me up! I need some kids like her! Wait... make that I need to be more like her!

Gina Harmon said...

Cute Lindsey and sweet blog. Did I tell you that Rauly learned to pogo too?! We really enjoyed our time with the kiddos despite my injuries! They are so fun, very entertaining, and so very smart and talented. Sounding a little biased? πŸ‘ΌπŸ‘€πŸ™ŒπŸ’—πŸ‘πŸŒŸ But it's still all true! They also kept Mike and I laughing most of the time! Love my grans!!! I miss them soooo much!