Sunday, December 11, 2011

The never ending birthday bash!

Rauly's first b-day celebration was in Arkansas with all of the Davison/Monroe/Harmon crew - it was a party both for Rauly and Amelia Kai. Thanks to my mom for purchasing the sweet birthday cake. :-)

On November 30th (her actual birthday), Rauly was awarded the "Most Caring" award in front of all the Kindergarten and 1st Graders. She was nominated this award from her teacher and got to eat a special lunch up on the stage in the cafeteria with me and Lillie Anna. It was extra special since she received it on her birthday. I brought cupcakes for her class to share and then we had aNOTHer celebration that evening with Aunt Jenny and Meemaw - complete with Publix Subs (her favorite meal) and yes...more cupcakes.

On Saturday, we completed Rauly's b-day celebration with a party at the Fleming Island Movie Theater to see Happy Feet 2! 13 of Rauly's closest friends came to help her celebrate - the movie was great, the fellowship was even better!

The party started with a "behind the scenes" tour of the theater where they got to learn how the popcorn, cotton candy and soda is made. Then we went upstairs and got to see the projector's and the digital library for the movies - the kids asked tons of questions and were very intrigued by it all. I was impressed with their curiousity!

Pizza? Yes, please!

Cupcake anyone?

And after 30 MINUTES of previews, the movie began. :-)

She's a lucky little girl to have had 4 birthday parties and I'm pretty sure she knows it. :-) We love you Rauly Marie! (And now it's time to move on to Christmas...)


Michael and Hannah said...

Happy Birthday Rauly Marie!!! You deserve 4 parties!

Gina Harmon said...

I bet Rauly girl will remember turning 6 with lots of special memories!