Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Has it really been over a month since I last updated?!?! I think that's the longest I've gone in YEARS! Life has gotten away from me lately....this summer has been jam-packed with activities and I feel like we literally go from one thing to another...making it challenging to find time to update the blog. Actually, I've been downright awful about taking pictures too...maybe it's laziness, but the thought of carrying Lillie Anna, a diaper bag, my purse AND a camera bag is just pics are usually the first to go! I'll try to do better though. :-)

On Sunday evening, we went to Christ's Church for their annual Freedom Spectactular event. It was so much fun - and really nice to see old friends! The kids did some cool bungee jump thing which they loved, and the fireworks display was awesome (as always)!

Quick update on Lillie Anna! In a nutshell, she's doing GREAT! We've pretty much nixed all travel, and have been amazed at the improvement we've seen in her. Her oral aversion is gone - as you can see from the pics, she's become our little chunk-a-lunk. ;) And although she still has one or two bouts of gagging and diahrea throughout the week, it only lasts for a few hours and then it's done. Sooooooo much improved from 6 months ago!

Here's some pics of her watching the Fireworks - she loved them!

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