Monday, May 30, 2011


It's a tremendous blessing to find a friend whose spouse you enjoy and whose children you love! We have found several families just like that here in Fleming Island/Orange Park and are so thankful! These families came to celebrate Shepherd's life this past weekend at Ollie Koala's - every husband came with their wife and kids and it was nice to see the adults enjoying themselves (almost) as much as the kids! :-)

Peepaw, Meemaw and Aunt Jenny with the kids.

These two are so cute! They might fight like cats and dogs, but they are extremely important to one another. Rauly woke up the morning of Shep's party with a belly-ache, and Shep was so concerned that Rauly wouldn't be able to come to his party...he breathed a big sigh of relief when she started feeling better!

The kids played all kinds of games...
But Luke was the only child who hit the "jackpot" more times than I could count!

Lillie Anna and her best bud Noah had a grand ol' time playing and eating cake!

Thx to the Kneisley's, Graston's, Sherman's, Bergin's and Ward's for coming to make Shep's party extra-special!


Jamie said...

We had a blast! Great pictures! Happy Birthday Shep!!!

Amanda said...

Happy Birthday Shep!!!

Michael and Hannah said...

Can't believe he's SEVEN!!! Happy happy happy Birthday Shep!