Friday, March 11, 2011

Why I run...

When I started running last year, it was purely with the goal of shedding the excess baby weight I'd gained over the past 6 years and 3 pregnancies. I thought I'd run in a few 5K's, and that once I hit my goal weight, I'd be done. But something happened along the goals shifted, as did my frame of mind and perception.

Now I run for multiple reasons...all of which have continued to motivate me to stick with something I have NEVER before enjoyed! (Seriously, I was the highschooler who dreaded track and avoided jogging at all costs!)

I've found that running is a great way to deepen's become a time to visit uninterrupted about life. I've learned so much about some of the women I've ran with over the past 12 months...I've learned about their marriages, their children, their upbringing, their faith, and they've learned the same things about me. We encourage one another in our daily walk of life and pray for one anothers burdens...I've grown to really look forward to the jogs I have with these women - they're a blessing!

It's also allowed me a healthy seperation between myself and our kids. Prior to jogging, I had become pretty consumed by all three of my little ones - I didn't have any hobbies, or extra-curricular life revolved around THEM. But now, they know that mommy has to run...they love going to the YMCA and when I don't take them, they moan-n-groan because they miss it. I think it's been really good for them to cheer me on at the races and to see that their momma' has a life outside of dirty diapers and PB&J's and soccer/piano/swim practice...I hope it's helped them to see me for ME.

Aside from the above reasons (which in my mind are enough to keep this newfound hobby up!), I also run for overall health (it lifts my moods and helps me feel mentally and physically strong), but I no longer run for my waist line. To be honest, the weight didn't just POUR off the way I had expected it to, and that's ok! My point is, I no longer run to shed pounds....nor do I run to beat a competitive time...that is NOT what it's about and if I made it about that, it would no longer be any fun at all!

Who knows...I may run for a few more months and be done with it. But for now, I'm enjoying having goals and meeting them...I'm enjoying having 30 minutes-2 hours a few days a week to look forward to. The last race I ran was the Donna 1/2 Marathon which was INCREDIBLE! I never thought I'd be able to run that far of a distance, and it was really cool to meet that goal!

Tomorrow is the GATE RIVER RUN! Bring it on, baby!


Patience Lawson said...

So proud of your running accomplishments Lindsey!

I ran the River Run a couple of years ago... very exciting race! That bridge at the end is a killer!

Hicks Family said...

I am proud of you too. And, you look great!

Michael and Hannah said...

I want to be you!!! How did you connect with running friends? Do you run on a treadmill at the Y or do they have a track? I can't stand running on a treadmill but currently have no other options.

Jamie said...

I love that you run, by the way!