Sunday, March 06, 2011

Hey everyone!
For those of you following my blog, I apologize for going so long in between updates. To be honest, I've just been kind of stumped lately as to what to blog about. There's plenty to talk about...but when I go to blog, something holds me back. SO, hopefully this writers block will end soon. :-)

I wanted to let you all know that Lillie is doing well. She's had a great week - only a few "bad diapers" since our trip to Orlando (she had a 3-day-flareup on our vacation). Her Endoscopy/Colonoscopy is scheduled for March 14th (Monday). We're hoping to find out why her stomach continues to have "flare-ups". Thankfully she's put on several pounds since coming home from the hospital (I'm just guestimating, but the point is that she looks much healthier!)...she's eating better and going long enough in between flare-ups to actually hang on to some of that fat.

Thanks again for all your continued prayers and hopefully the next update will be much more interesting. :-)
- Lindsey

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Marie said...

Glad she is doing better! I know that is a refief fr you. I will be praying on Monday for her procedure (and for you, Chad and the Dr.s)!