Saturday, December 18, 2010

My baby the age of 3.5, he was my little love. He was "my baby". I know Jacob as he once adorable, sweet hearted, honest and occasionally...ok, oftentimes, annoying little boy. :-) It was an honor to travel to Oregon to see the man he is growing in to...the husband and father he now is, and the friend he is becoming to me. We shared private jokes, remembered family feuds and shared many joys throughout this week. At times, I stared at him in awe of the time that has gone little brother...he's now holding his daughter in the palm of his hand gushing over how beautiful her eyes are (and they are gorgeous!). I love you, Jacob and will forever be one of your fiercest protectors and loudest cheerleaders! May God bless you, Kate and Amelia Kai as you go grow your little family.

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Gina Harmon said...

My sweet babies...always and forever!