Saturday, December 11, 2010

It's the annual Gingerbread House day with Mrs. Hoch!

Each year, when the weather turns cold and the christmas music starts playing on the radio, the kids at Rauly's preschool begin to anticipate something very special. Ginger Bread House building day with Mrs. Hoch! She transforms a room in to a winter wonderland and creates the most magical atmosphere, complete with fake snow, and every candy imaginable! This year may have been the best...possibly it had something to do with the fact that all three of my children were able to participate which was really special.

Rauly was very precise and knew exactly how she wanted it to look. There was no globbing or blobbing...each move she made was thought out. Her house turned out beautifully. :-)

I was very touched this year. Mrs. Hoch (whom I'm grown to love over the past 4 years) knew that there would be a few siblings (one being Shep) and she had him all set up with his own Gingerbread House to build. Shepherd was really excited to get to join in the fun! (And in case you can't tell "more is aaaaalways better" with Shepherd.)

Here's Lillie Anna, enjoying her 2nd...or 3rd...or maybe even 4th cookie?

These beautiful children are used to being told to "smile pretty". After a procession of camera flashes and perfect poses from each one of them, I finally hollered out "make your goofiest face EVER"...and this is what they gave us. Seriously? Seeing how "unsilly" they were, it made me want to stand on my head and get them to belly laugh...maybe I'll save that for graduation photo's. ;-p Seriously though, these sweet children are well behaved and quiet when they're suppossed to be - I am continuously impressed with Rauly's bunch of friends. :-)

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