Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas at Callaway
Dennis and Linda have begun a tradition of traveling to Callaway Gardens in Pine Mountain,GA on Christmas Eve and staying a few days in a cabin. It's such a beautiful tradition and a much appreciated gift! The kids look forward to this holiday all. year. long. Seriously, as we were pulling out of Pine Mountain on Sunday, they were already asking when we would get to come back!

Lillie got to meet Santa...she wasn't impressed. And as you can see by Shep's body language, he wasn't all that impressed either...I thought at any moment he was going to just kick back and lounge on Santa's bench! :-)

On Christmas Eve, Chad and Jenny have begun a tradition of creating a Ginger Bread House with the kids - I usually am watching the baby (the first year we did it, Rauly was 1 year old, last year Lillie was a few months old, and this year, Lillie was 15 months!) so I just snap the pics once it's complete. :-)

On Christmas morning, after the presents have been torn open, we all head over to the Lodge to eat breakfast...and boy is it YUMMY!

We had a great time creating some sweet memories. We rode the Trolley through the Festival In Lights, played card games and sang Christmas carols, and had story hour (thx to Linda), and ate way too much delicious, homemade food. And it was extra magical when the snow began to fall on Christmas day - every child's Christmas wish! :-) Thank you again Dennis and Linda for treating us all to such a nice getaway (again)!

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