Monday, November 01, 2010

Halloween 2010!
We asked Shepherd what his Indian name should be and he came up with "Lego Pirates"...ok????
Jasmine Princess...I know, her make-up scares me too! lol!
Lillie Anna didn't get a costume this year because I knew she would HATE it...she doesn't like bows or hats or sunglasses and an outfit that confined her movements would've driven her nuts. So, she went as herself...a cute adorable little toddler. :-)

Halloween is a controversial holiday...a lot of Christians (some that I'm very close to) have made the choice not to celebrate it, and I completely 100% respect that! My own parents allowed us to celebrate it for a few years before they too decided it was a holiday they would rather not honor. Now that Chad and I have our own family, we've discussed over the years whether or not we should celebrate it and ultimately (at least for now) have decided to keep it a part of our traditions.

What we love most about Halloween is the fellowship with our community. It's the ONLY time throughout the year where our children can go up to a total strangers door and be guaranteed to receive a smile, a friendly phrase and greeting, and receive a little trinket or candy. Each year after our exhausting night of going door-to-door, Chad and I have gone to bed having a little more faith in the individuals who make up our neighborhood/city. And that's what we focus on each year during the Halloween's not about the candy (honestly we throw away nearly all of it)'s not about the costumes (they can dress up any day of the year). For us, it's about fellowshipping with our community - allowing our kids an opportunity to trust that people are good and a time when we preach "don't talk to strangers", and "don't leave mommy's sight"'s a refreshing break from the norm.

Here's some pictures of some of the sweet families that make up the Fleming Island community.

This picture makes me laugh out loud - I have no idea what just happened, but this woman's expression just cracks me up!


Jamie said...

I'm so enjoying your pics! I love your take on Halloween. If there's a redeeming virtue in the holiday, it's gotta be that it creates an opportunity for community and fellowship! And in our twitter-kind-of-world, we just don't make those opportunities as much as we should.
You didn't post a pic of your costume!?

Michael and Hannah said...

That last pic is hilarious. Love the kids' costumes!