Monday, October 04, 2010

Rauly was invited to a Princess Tea Party...this wasn't a birthday party, it was a "just because" kind of party. :-) The girls in this pic have been good friends since they were two years old...they're all nearly 5 now, so they've grown up together in many ways. Anyways, they all had a very fun time pretending to be princesses and having an adorable "tea party".

Sammi-Jo (Barbie Princess), Haley (Cinderella), Sarah (Ariel), Avery (Ballerina princess) and Rauly (Jasmine). **I LOVE that they're all barefoot in this picture...**


Jamie said...

OH my! That's totally adorable! I have never thought of a princess party (go figure). Very sweet!

And thanks for adding me to the auto-email thing. I love getting immediate notice!

Hicks Family said...

I just got caught up on all your posts...probably the last four. Anyway, good to see your kiddos. I miss you all very much! Hope to see you in a few weeks!