Monday, October 04, 2010

Last weekend, our friend Jeff had a surprise 40th birthday party! Unfortunately I didn't upload a picture of the birthday guy, but I have to say this about him: Jeff is one of the nicest men I've ever met...ever. He's an eternal optimist and always has a smile stretched across his face - he's the kind of guy who has wrinkles around his eyes even when he's NOT smiling because he just smiles so much! It was very apparent by each couple who walked through the door that he is deeply loved by his close friends and family and well respected by his co-workers. We're blessed to know him and his sweet family!

It was a really great night of visiting with friends. We n-e-v-e-r get to do this! Chad (being a typical man) could count on one hand the men who he's befriended since we've moved here...I'm very thankful that the girls I'm closest to just happen to have husbands that my husband respects and genuinely likes! It's rare for us to spend anytime with these guys though outside of church, so it was especially good for Chad to get to go have some "guy time".'s some pics from the night. :-)

Jen, myself and Shannon...the three "Pump"ateers! We've been attending a weekly weight-lifting class together for several months now. There's no way any of us would stick with this crazy class if we didn't have that fellowship to look forward to!

Shannon's family was in our small group last year at CCFI. Her and her husband Ben have four beautiful daughters. We've grown to love their family and are thankful to be on this journey of life together!

Lillie Anna was such a joy at the party...however, we left a few minutes after this pic was taken because baby girl was sleepy. :-)

Shepherd and his buddy Jackson singing Karoake - these two have been friends since Mrs. Bucklers 3 year old class at Sharing Tree. It's neat to see how much they've grown and matured since then and I love that they're still great friends!

Me and Laura (another friend from church and the preschool) also decided to take a stab at a was quite awful...but fun! :-)

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