Monday, October 11, 2010

Lightning has struck twice...

Lightning can most definitely strike the same place twice...something we have learned this week. In the past 6 years, Shepherd has now been diagnosed with Osteomyelitis in his left knee cap, Toxic Synovitus in his right hip joint, multiple ear/throat infections which have led to getting Tubes twice, two broken bones, asthma, and drum roll please...Spinal Meningitus TWICE! After a cat scan and spinal tap, Chad and I sat in shock as we were told this weekend that he had developed it again. We were NOT shocked however when we were told that they were now suspicious that he had an Immune Disorder...after his track record, I'm thankful they are finally taking serious notice.

After a series of tests, they have learned that he breathed in the virus (rather than getting it from a bug bite) and that the barrier which protects his brain from viruses crossing over is not functioning properly. (sigh) This means it is more likely than not that he will get Spinal Meningitis again.

Unfortunately, that is not the only problem. They are running a series of tests (while we veg out in Shep's hospital room) to try and narrow down what is wrong w/ his immune system...this could be a long process, so I'm hoping they send us home soon. We don't know much about immune my opinion, ignorance is bliss! :-/

Despite all this, he seems to be much better and is ready to go home to see his sisters. :-) Thank u for all ur prayers and calls and emails. I'm doing my best to return phone calls, emails and texts...bear with me as I'm having to use my iPhone for everything! I will update more once I hear something.


lauren said...

I am so sorry, Lindsey! I will keep y'all in my prayers!

Angela said...

oh girl, I feel for yall. I somewhat know how it is to have a kid who seems get more than his fair share of sickness. I'll keep Shep, you and fam and Dr.'s in prayers!