Monday, September 06, 2010

We FINALLY got to experience the land of the Free! lol! (Sorry, Jamie...I've been dyin' to say that!) My friend Jamie grew up in GA on about 500 acres - her family has owned this land for generations and her parents graciously welcomed us in to their home yesterday while we were travelling back to Florida. What an incredibly beautiful house and property! We got the grand tour on jeeps and golf carts and were jostled around many different trails...up-n-down mountains (ok, probably just hills, but when you're hanging on to a 12 month old baby and gripping your seat so hard that your knuckles turn white, it begins to feel like a mountain!). Our visit was too short due to having to get back home before it got too late, but we hope to return one day soon to play! :-) I put a few links to some blog posts Jamie has written about their's absolutely magical!

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