Friday, September 24, 2010

Daddy's home!
My children are blessed. They are blessed to have a father who is patient and kind, tender and loving. To have a father who is consistent and dependable...engaged and trustworthy...that is a true gift!

Chad's business has been taking him to south Florida and different parts of Georgia a LOT lately - he's been away for the majority of the week for many months now. And I'm so thankful that Shep and Rauly are mature enough to know that daddy has to work. They never complain about him being gone, although they miss him and ask me frequently when he will be home. And when he is home, the kids act like they've just heard the ice cream man...they come a runnin'!

This morning the kids woke up to daddy's voice and practically bounced in to his arms - it was really sweet to see their excitement and love for Chad. I rarely am able to get pics of them playing, but this morning I grabbed the camera, sat back and just basked in the precious love of a father and his kiddo's.

This btw is what I look like most!

Life doesn't get much better than this...

This pic cracks me up - Lillie is desperately fighting for Chad's attention while Shep carries her away so Chad can give Rauly a piggy back ride...

We love you daddy!


Paige said...

What a sweet post! Daddy's are awesome!

Jamie said...

I know he must eat it up when he comes home! Ever wish WE could leave and get to experience what it's like to walk through the door after being missed???
Anyway, great pictures. A very worthy thing to capture.