Friday, April 23, 2010

(Don't read if you don't like ooey-gooey sweet things...hehe...this is for my man on his 30th birthday and I want to keep it for my own records.)

Dear Chad,
Well, this will most likely take me about 45 minutes to type out due to all the many interruptions I'll have. But, they are marvelous and incredible "interruptions", are they not? We have together made a bundle of energy, a bundle of spunk, and a bundle of sweetness...but that's another story.

Today, the story is focusing on YOU and YOUR amazing life. 30 years ago...on April 22nd, God decided it was time this world met you. When I think of how God must've know what an incredible man you'd one day become. To know the many blessings you're life would bring to those around you...and to know how you're life would one day help mold the next generation...yes, I am confident that God looked at your precious life and said "it is good!".

In this life, you have chosen hard work over laziness...and you've been blessed. You've chosen to do your best in everything you touch...and you've been blessed. You've chosen to serve GOD and trust GOD with your life, your finances, your family, your decisions...and you've been blessed.
You've chosen honesty, forthrightness and candor over lies...., patience over impatience,... joy and laughter over negativity...and you've been blessed.

So many wise choices you've made, and there's no way that I can write them all out...but you have consistently led your heart and your mind, rather than follow it! For that, I thank you!

My life changed the INSTANT I saw you...the INSTANT I recongnized that you were something special. Not just b/c your blue eyes sparkled, or your confidence outshined every other guy around you...but b/c you had something most other men did not. You had a clear conscience...a beautiful were a man after God and it was written all over you! And I think God had to have smiled when we met...b/c he knew what the outcome would be. He saw the family we would have...the impact that your life would have on both me, and our children...and one day, our grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

Your life is worth celebrating! May you be blessed for living an upright life before God. And may you know how very loved you are by your Father in Heaven and by your family here on earth...happy birthday old man! ;)


Morgan Holt said...

So beautifully written, Lindsey! What a sweet post to your husband! Happy Birthday Chad!

Chad said...

Wow, thank you so much Linds! I love you and I love our life together! Thanks for making this getting old thing so special.

Hicks Family said...

Linds, can you write one for me when John turns 30...thanks. Love ya!

Gina Harmon said...

What an incredibly sweet letter to your husband and to keep in your memoirs. It made me tear up to know you are both so blessed and I love the cute reference to your interruptions - those sweet bundles! God has blessed you both with thankful hearts too!

Michael and Hannah said...