Monday, April 26, 2010

Crowne Plaza, River View, Ruth's Chris, and a bottle of Champagne = a really nice birthday surprise! I've been planning this for Chad's 30th birthday for about a month now, and it was pretty fun to finally put my plan in to action. :)

View from our balcony...we could hear the band playing at the Jacksonville was so nice to just sit out there and talk!

Lillie Anna enjoyed the view from the 8th floor...this is where she camped out practically the entire time we were there...she was fascinated with what was happening down below us. :)

Thanks to Dennis and Linda for watching Shepherd and Rauly for us while we took our overnight stay!!!


Gina Harmon said...

Those pics are so beautiful they don't look real. I can just imagine LA being amazed with all the new views. What a fun surprise and a great way to bring in the new decade! Welcome to the first "over the hill" birthday. I'm sure I could find a wrinkle somewhere! :) Glad you all 3 had a great time.

Hicks Family said...

What a great present...y'all are so good at planning surprised for each other.

Michael and Hannah said...

You're such a great wife!! I don't even remember what I got Michael for his 30th... I'm sure it was something swell, like a hug.