Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Happy St. Patricks Day!

This morning, I asked the kids go to get dressed in something green and then come meet me at the breakfast table. So, with their curiousity peeked, they scampered off to their rooms, grabbed mix-matched green items and then scampered back in to the kitchen to see what awaited them. They were super excited until they peeked in to the skillet to see GREEN eggs...wha??? They were very confused and a bit concerned. Ha! So, I pulled out the famous Dr. Seuss story and read it to them before they ate. This helped to explain the b-fast, but they weren't about to eat the food until I assured them it was just green food coloring. I think I went overboard with the green butter on the bagels...that just looked downright YUCK!

But, the really fun part of today was learning all about St. Patrick! Did you know he was a slave before he became a missionary?? And the sheer multitudes he brought to Christ is an absolute inspiration!!! Wow! THIS is what I absolutely love about homeschooling...leisurely mornings, christian teachings, and now...they are building clovers out of lego's while they try and dicepher which leaf might represent God, which leaf might represent Jesus Christ and which leaf might represent the Holy Spirit. That is just sooooo awesome!

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