Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Thanksgiving in AR - Part II!

The last part of our trip was spent in Birmingham, where we got to visit with Chad's cousins (the Moore family), as well as some college friends of ours - the Satterfield family. We love both of these families and don't get to see them very often, so we were excited to be able to stop there to catch up (and rest...I thought I was smiling HUGE in these pics, but when I saw the pics later, I realized my smile was teeny-tiny...I guess the trip had caught up to me!)

me and Erin

Lauren Satterfield and her oldest son, James. Isn't he gorgeous??

Chad and Josh Satterfield (these two guys played football at Harding University together)

Shep and Harrison playing games on the Iphone...

Elizabeth Anne and Rauly

The kiddo's eating b-fast Saturday morning before we got back on the road..., Rauly Marie. It was FREEZING outside, and my dad didn't have any other clothes to dress her in - we laughed so hard when we saw her in that get-up!

Jacob and Lillie Anna...she's wooing him. ;)

Sweet Shep at my dad's house - it was a boy's dream place...woods, rocks, leaves,...lots of room to go crazy and let loose!


Michael and Hannah said...

LOVE that pic of Shep! Glad you had fun... you should have met up with Whitney when you were in B-ham! (But y'all are so in demand that I know your social calendar is usually filled!)

lauren said...

Aww! Thanks! It was so great to see you!!