Sunday, December 20, 2009

I have so many stories and pictures I could share...just not enough time in the day! I feel like lately I've been spending a lot of time just soaking it all in...trying to memorize the smiles and record the sounds of laughter to my heart. I never want to forget how precious these moments are and b/c my camera can't stay glued to my hands, I feel as if I'm having to just ponder it all and do my best to live IN the moment, rather than capture it on camera and look back.

Rebecca Hoch (Sharing Tree's Enrichment teacher...every time we go up to the school, she gets swept away from all the staff there!)

LA has started blowing bubbles constantly and is holding her head up all on her own - she's changed so much this month! She's still the happiest baby I have ever seen. Ever! Seriously, she was just diagnosed with Bronchitis...she's coughing, sneezing, congested, ect. Yet, somehow she gets a kick out of sneezing - it makes her laugh. And she offers up the biggest smiles after I suck the boogies out of her nose. Chad and I just stare at her in amazement wondering "how in the world can you be so perfect???".

Shepherd is blowing me out of the water in Math and Language Arts...he's such a sponge! Chad did a math problem this morning and Shep had the answer faster than I did!!! WHOA! It's a good thing Chad is teaching him math, or else I'd be enrolling him back in school. :) We went to the Planetarium at the Museum of Science and Discovery two weeks ago with the Fleming Island COOP and he absolutely loved it. He actually knew more about the constellations than I thought he knew, which was neat to see. He's our electronic child and would sit for hours playing computer games, or IPhone games (something we're having to limit his time on now that Chad and I both have one). He has asked for a computer for Christmas this year. Well, Shep was a very good boy this year, and thankfully Santa found a very very good deal on Black Friday for a computer that he can play all the educational games he can imagine. :)

This is a picture of Rauly and the other Sharing Tree Students at their Christmas Chapel. They sang a song and did sign language with the was a "black light" type thing where the lights were out and all you could see were their hands...VERY neat and Rauly didn't skip a beat.

Rauly is growing leaps and bounds in her personality and figuring out her place in this world...she's becoming more tender and "girly"...constantly asking if she can wear her barbie heels and play in my makeup. She's also extremely into princesses. Thankfully though, she still has a love for animals and asked Santa Claus to bring her a horse for Christmas. From what I hear, she just may be getting her wish.... Here's a quick story of Rauly-girl. Yesterday morning, Chad and I were in the Family Room drinking our coffee and talking, when we heard Rauly at the Breakfast table..."...thank you for our beautiful playground, all of my wonderful friends and for this food. And I love you SOOOOO much GOD! Amen!" We just looked at each other and smiled...I can imagine the Lord had his arms wrapped around her as she had a private conversation with Him!

This week we are going to Callaway Garden's to spend Christmas with Chad's family. We are anxiously awaiting this trip...the cold(er) weather, the cabin in the woods, the delicious Christmas brunch (that I don't have to cook!), the Festival of Lights and of course, Santa's big visit!!! :) May you all have a very Merry Christmas!!


Gina Harmon said...

Ya'll have fun! That's so sweet about Rauly's visit with God! You have a neat way to record all of this on your blog! Precious memories!

Hicks Family said...

NO picture of baby Jesus and Mary????? Your children are precious and makes me want to jump in the car everytime I read a post and come see you guys. Hope you have a great Christmas! We love you.