Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Lillie Anna is here!

Hey everyone - this is Chad giving the update. Lindsey labored for 21.5 hours (sounds long, I know, but she's labored longer with previous pregnancies!). Lillie Anna was born at 5:27pm on August 31st. She was 8 lbs 3 oz, 20 inches long...she seems to be a mixture of Shep and Rauly...we think she's pretty cute. :) Thanks for your prayers, and I'm sure Lindsey will update more later.

Also, you can click on 'The Siegel Blog' to the right if you'd like to see some videos!


Kristin said...

Glad she is here and everyone is doing well! Can't wait to see pics! I'm sure she is absolutely beautiful!!!

lauren said...

Congratulations!!! I need to see pics! I was so shocked when I saw on facebook that your epi was kicking in! I love getting such up to date news on the internet! So happy she's here!

Marie said...

Hooray!!! So happy! Can't wait to look at the pictures!