Monday, July 27, 2009


On August 3rd (next Monday), we are officially starting Shep's Kindergarten program! I'm starting early with him in order to allow myself some off-time once Lillie Anna is born...I don't want to have to worry about us getting behind, and this will take the pressure off me. So, since this is the last week of "summer" for us, I dedided to dub this week "Fun Week"! I've planned something special to do with the kids each day this week, so I'll update with pics after each outing. :)

It started with Saturday...a day spent at the Cobblestone pool clubhouse with the Graston Family! Shep and Rauly had such a good time with Jacob, Luke and Joshua! Jamie (their mom) and I always enjoy having time to catch up...and amazingly, with 5 kids in the pool, we still were able to talk. :) She's going to be homeschooling her older boys this year AND is due to have her fourth baby on the same day as me (9/9/09)...we have so many things in common - (like a strong faith in God, a love of and devotion to our families, and husbands who never stop working on home improvement projects -hehe!). I'm looking forward to our children becoming closer over the next year through homeschooling and watching our new additions as they grow.

Sunday, Shep and Rauly discovered their new friend...Michaelangelo, the teenage mutant ninja turtle - that's what Shep has named him. :) He's awfully cute...and I feel very sorry for him. The kids played with him all day yesterday and when I suggested we send him on his way, Rauly cried huge crocodile I agreed we could keep Michaelangelo a little longer.
(Please excuse Rauly's naked body...she does have on was a very lazy afternoon! haha!)

Today was spent at the Jacksonville Zoo. We arrived at 9am to attempt to beat the heat and the crowds...turns out that nobody apparently goes to the zoo when it's this hot outside b/c there was hardly anyone else there the entire day! Rauly was in animal-heaven...I've never seen a child enjoy animals as much as does and I really think she would've spent the night there if I'd have let her! She was talking baby talk to the snakes "hey sweet baby snakey...come here baby're so cute!"...all the while, the cobra's and the pythons looked like they were ready to gobble her cute little body up! Shep on the other hand doesn't like the although he had fun, he was definitely ready to go at the end of the day!
This is what Rauly did the whole day...she ran from each exhibit pointing at the next one with so much was precious!

And the animals love her right back...she would cluck at the birds and they would hop out of the water and come right up to her.

They loved the train ride!

Shep was the only one brave enough to go near the Komodo Dragon...

The Jax Zoo has a "whale themed" water park that the kids got to enjoy once it got hot outside. It was a perfect way to cool off before lunch!

Not sure what they're talking about, but they seem to be up to no good!

Rauly feeding the giraffe's...

And this is what they did about 10 seconds in to our ride home...I thoroughly enjoyed some peace and quiet!!

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Hicks Family said...

what a fun weekend and great picture...only one thing missing...picture of YOU!!!!