Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Fun Week (con't)

Today, we had a WONDERFUL day with one of our most favorite family's! The Hicks came in and spent the whole afternoon with us...I think I was on cloud 9. :) We got to talk for about 5 hours! Yes, I realize that is a LOT of talking...but it has been 8 months since Melissa and I have seen each other, so we had no problem finding things to talk about. :) Sometimes it amazes me when I think about all the life experiences we've both had since college...looking back on our days at Harding, it just seems like things were so simple and light-hearted back then. Life has become much more challenging, but I think we'd both agree, much more fullfilling and enriching as well!!

The kids played great together and I got some sweet cuddle time with Brecken...she was so good all day and such a lil' smiley-pea! I hated to see them go, but they'll be coming back in a few weeks to spend the weekend with us, so that helped me say good-bye. :)

I told Melissa that I would not be posting any "Fat preggo" pics of myself on my blog...however, I'm quite positive that she'll be posting some of me on her blog....thanks in advance, Melis (pure sarcasm there!). So, if you would like to see my beautiful friend and my big ol' self, then you'll have to click on her link. ;)

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Kristin said...

You look great Lindsey! Ryan and I were looking at Melissa's blog last night and we both commented on how good you look! :)