Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Nothing of interest to talk about...

Sorry ya'll...I'm finding that working full-time with two youngun's makes it much harder to blog. When I actually have the time to do it, it seems there's nothing of interest to talk about (unless of course you think packing daily snacks/lunches, organizing staff and prepping for a move are interesting points of conversation). :)

I will say that there are three things that made me very happy today:

1) Being woken up to two adorable faces grinning from ear to ear and hearing Shepherd ask me how I slept...gosh I love my kids!

2) Cooler weather...car line at the preschool was very enjoyable with the nice breeze and bearable temperatures!

3) The smell of homeade apple spice playdough...and YES...it's edible!!! Our students are learning about the letter -A- and are taste testing apples, making apple pies and playing with this heavenly apple spice play-dough...I had to go in to their classrooms a few times today just so I could take a whiff! :)


The Dawkins said...

Amelia's class has learned about apples and had "taste testing" this week as well, how neat!!

Melody said...

Goodness Ella didn't tell me about the apple spice playdough that sounds amazing :).

After you walked her to my car today she said "I really like Miss. Lindsey, her very, very nice". She always says "her" instead of "she" and I think it's so cute so I don't correct "her".

Paige said...

Thanks for inviting me. I have missed your blog, seeing your sweet kids pics and hearing what is going on.

Angela said...

do you have the recipe for this playdough? If so post please!!!

Kate said...

It's the simple things that matter! What a blessing that all in life is going smoothly enough to enjoy a cool breeze in the car line and edible Apple Pie playdough. Treasure these days!!

Jamie said...

I love your kids too, and I miss seeing them!
Definitely need a playdate asap!
Your kids are precious.